9.2 IPv6 Address Scope Types and Address Allocation

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Hello. Welcome back, Cisco Certified Design associate Model Ni Lice in 9.2. I'm your instructor. Wait.
In a previous video, we talked about I p B six Headers on the advisory presentation. From these video, we will begin to introduce HPV six addresses scope types on the address allocation.
Here's a pre assessment question. Observe the following options. What is the hierarchy for AKI V. Six Admirable Addresses a Internet site interface. Be public, say interface. See multi cast. Any cost. A unique cast.
The Global Site a loop. It's B
public sight on inter vase.
Here's the topic of what this Gus
unique casts addresses the HPV six Unicosta 1 to 1 address is the logical identifier off a single host. The interface with the unit cost address a single source sent to a single destination. It is a similar to a TV for unit cast addresses.
Unicosta addresses are divided into global, you know, cast address link. Local address. Unique. A local address.
I've e V six global advises connected to the public, a network This unit cast addresses are globally unique on Iran. Herbal.
These address format is initially defining RFC 23 74 RFC 35 87 provides updates to the farm. It
the original specifications defined in the address format with a three layer hierarchy. Public apology set, topology and interface. Identify where the public apology consisted of service providers that provided a transit service is on exchanges of a rotting information.
They use the top level aggregator p o a
identify and next level identify where in that way Ah, site level aggregator as L. A was used the first sight topology The site apology is loco to the company or sight on that does not have provided translate Insurgencies
the T R A and R es and s sorry identifiers are depreciated by RFC 35
87. RFC is 35 87 simplifies this identifiers with a global routing perfect on a sub net identifier for the network portion off the address.
This diagram shows the firm out over the standard i V six Global unit cost address The global routing perfect is that generally 48 bitting lands I ended. The Sabaneta idea is 16 bits the interviews ideas a 64 bits announced
on the uniquely identifies interface on the link.
The interview's ideas often from the 48 beat the Mac address over the hosts. The MCA is converted to the U R 64. Identify her from that by inserting the F F F E taxes decimal valuable in between the 24 big toe left, the most on the right. Most of values
link local addresses.
I. P. V 67 Global addresses are significant on Lee to nose on the single rink. Routers do not forward package with link, local source or destination address. Beyond the local blink blink. Local addresses are identified by leading F E eight packs. A decimal numbers.
I mean global address. It started configured
automatically or manually as joining this diagram. The format of the Winkle addresses that after p off 1111111010 followed by 54 zeros on a 64 beats
Interviews. Idea is often from the device Mac address on the very fires automatically through communication with other nose in the link.
The interview's ideas. Then come Captain David with the link. Local address prefix off. F E 80 double columns flush 64 toe up. 10. The interface It league local address
RFC for 193 defines the unique local address. Unique local addresses they sign for use in local networks on are not probable in the Internet. A substitute that prick ated aside local addresses,
as we in this diagram the format of the unique local addresses. An actor p off 1111
110 right
after Sees Your zero double column slash seven
followed about a Global I D,
followed by the sudden night I d on the dead and the 64 big interviews identify right the big label. The L is set of one of the prefixes locally, a sign on the sighting at a zero for not being defined.
This is ill.
I've e v six Annie cost Angus T I. P. V six at any cost. One to nearest
address. Identifies son of the devices on any cost addresses advocated from a side of a unit cast addresses this destination devices and shoot a share. Common character sticks under our explicitly configured for any costs, you can use any cost address, too.
Identify a set of Rogers or servers within the area.
When the packet is assented to the any custom address, it is the river to the nearest the device, as determined by the routing protocol. On example over the use of any cost address is to assign any cost address to a set of A servers, one in North America and other in Europe.
Users in North America would be rotted into the North American server
on those in Europe to the European. Sir, you cannot use any cost address as a source address. Also, you must explicitly configure notes too weak to the any cost. A addresses us Hein to recognize the any cost. A address.
Motorcar status. The TV six motor cast. One too many address identifies a set of the hosts, the packages delivered to all the hosts identified by that address. This type is a similar to a P D for amounted cast across the address I V V six Multicast addresses also supersede
the broadcast. The function off I P V four broadcasts
you use is an all notes Mota cost address. Instead,
one additional function off Mikey B six motor cast is too provided ITV for broadcast. The equivalent it with the whole note. Mota cost the group some I V six and multicast addresses are at 501
This unique eights All notes Abby Eyes of the interface in local scope
F F 0 to 00000 to this all rodders address for Link Roco RFC 42 91. Spicy Fights The format All the I keep Be six and multicast addresses
as assuring this staggering. The feud of P V six motor test address are at peak value of zero acts half half, followed by the four bits flag. A feud forbids our scope, viewed on a 112 bits for the group. Identify WR
again. A quick way to recognize an ITV six emotive cost address as that it begins with f F
double column. Flash ate the flags Fueled consists of a free leading zeros, followed by the tea bit
right 0000 t have a T equals zero. The address is well known. Mota cost address Assigned about global Are you in a Have a tea? Eco's won. The address is not a permanently assigned address, the last to be a telescope.
The sober feud. Limit the scope off the Mahdi Cast Group.
This table shows a Sinus. Gopal battles
the group idea identifies the motor cast group within the game in the scope. The group idea is that the independent of the scope
Group I d of the 000001 identifies and knows where as a group idea of 000002 identifies rodders.
So we're talking with the group I D. Right.
Here's the some well known I keep these six AM outcast addresses some well known motive cost addresses, a period this associated with a variety of a scalpel. Barrios.
I'm gonna take a look at it. This spreadsheet
on this table summarizes the prefixes and in their respective address, tap
learning check Question number one Home anymore. Bits does keep the six years for addresses of that TV for
a 128 b 64.
See 32 d 96 is 96 right 1 28 minus 32.
Question number two on application Uses a broadcast traffic to send out a TV for posts.
How can the application communicate? Using I P B. Six A. Any cussed? Be unique cast. See broadcast the Mountie cast. I'll use the mortar cast on old address
in today's brief lecture with disgust at TV's Exaggerates, stoke types and address allocation.
Any questions? Feel free to contact me. Otherwise I'll see you in the next video bye for now.
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