9.1 IPv6 Headers and Address Representation

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certified design associate. Modern I Lice in 9.1. I mean Instructor Wing. In the previous video, we talked about ITV for addressing the sly address assignment on the name resolution.
From this video, we will begin to introduce Mikey B. C. Scatters on address representation.
Pre assessment Question. Which one of the following represent current TV six Global Unit Cast address for Met. A 64 bit interviews I di Pause a 16 bit the seven It I d. Pause for eight beta global prefix
Be 60 Forbid Interface I D Plus for a pit global prefix plus
16 beta seven and 90
c 16 Bit that stuff that I d. Pause for a bit. The Global prefix plus 64 big interface i D D. For eight bit global prefix plus a 16 bid +78 i d. Process 60 forbid interviews i d. A. Will be D.
Here's the topic. Will we discuss
the driving motivation for the adoption off a new version of I P. As the limitation imposed by the 32 feet address field in I P. Before in the 19 nineties, there was a concern that if the I p addresses space would be depleted a song. Although cross list the inter domain routing, Cmdr. And Annette
have slowed down the deployment of I P V six.
It's a standards and the deployments are becoming mature. Rpv six is playing a significant role in the deployment of I. P Service is for wireless phones. Some countries, such as Japan, directed I p v six compatibility back into town. Five
other countries, such as China, France and Korea
have been implementing I P V 6 to 8. A Summer Olympics was accessible from the i P V six Internet. The U. S A federal government had manage hated all agencies to support our key V six by me to town eight operating systems such as Windows 10 when the Southern clinics Mac OS
on others all support I. T. V. Six.
Google and Facebook are also accessible in I p V six Internet. The I P V six a specification provides 128 bits for addressing a significant increase of from 32 bits. The overall specifications of I P B six as RFC 24 60
i P v six includes the following enhancements over ITV for larger addresses, space I P v six uses 128 bit addresses rather than the 32 bit addresses in i p. D. For this supports more address Karachi levels on uses A simpler address. Auto configuration
globally unique i p addresses
The additional addresses space allows each note toe Have a unique address on the eliminated to the need for net Haider format efficiency. The I P v six Haider land is fixed lowering hatter processing time and about allowing inventors to improve a packet of switching efficiency.
Improved option mechanism I keep These six options are placed in separate optional hatters that are located between the i P B six header on the transport layer header. The Option Hatters are not required. Address Auto configuration. This capability provides for dynamic a Simon off the I P V six addresses
I t. V six hosts to can automatically configure themselves without without a D h c P server
stable as they list all the configuration is supported flow laboring capability instead of a type of A service bot n i p B for I P V six enables the laboring over packets blowing into a particular traffic class for which The centre requests the special handling
Sergey as the quality of a service on a real time service
This support AIDS specialized. The traffic is such as real time a voice, all video security capabilities I keep. The six includes a futures that support authentication and the privacy i p. Security is a requirement. I'm Thio path of Discovery
I. P v six eliminates the need of the fragment of packets by implementing I'm Thio Path discovery before sending packets to a destination
site. Madi Homey I v V six allows Molly homing by allowing host tohave a Marco i p v six addresses on the network's tohave a mojo i p v six prefixes which your facilities connection into multiple I s Peace supported form, ability and motive. Cast
Mobile I p B six allows for I p B six knows to change its location on the network on the maintain its existing connection.
The mobile node is always reachable by a one permanent address,
eliminated the use of a broadcasts itv six and reduces the nicest re being aware by eliminating. I use about broadcasts replacing them where the multi cast
the I P V six hiders this emperor than I did before. Hatter. Some i V for future Have a being eliminated or change it to auction off use. The V six Hatter size is 48 bites. The fragment off site of feuds on the flags in I P before have being a nominated from the header
like Evey six at a flow label fueled for a Q as mechanisms to use
the use of a 128 bits for stores and the destination addresses provides a significant improvement over i p before I P v six improves over i p before by using a fixed allowed the Hatter thee I p V six header appears in this diagram.
Here's a description of each of fuel in the I. P. Hatter that started with the version. This feud is a four beats. Raw data indicate to the format it based on the version number off the high key Harder. This beats our side 20110 for I p v six packets traffic. Plus this feud is eight beating mouth.
Hey, the described the costs or priority over the I P V six pack it
on provides function out of the similar to the i p before attack of a service feud
flow label.
This view is 20 bits emails. It indicates a specific or sequence of a packet between a source and the destination that requires a special handling, such as a real time data voice on a video
payload. A lamp.
This feud is 16 Bertin Love A. Indicated to the payloads size and the bite. It's allowed to include any extension hiders
next. The hatter. This feud is expedient in length. It indicates the type of the higher that falls this TV six Hatter In other words, it identifies the operator particle. It uses values that they find about Internet. Assign a number of authority.
I am a
This table shows us I'ma keep article members.
For example. Six. A TCP *** 17 udp
89 0 S. P. F. You can spend some time on this form.
Okay, let's move back to hop limit. This beauty is a pit in mouth. It is the criminal hated by one by each rotter that forwards the packets. If this feud is a zero, the packet is a discarded source address.
This feud is a 128 bitchy mouth and it indicates of the standards i p b six address.
That's the nation address. This feud is a 128 18 mouth. It indicates of the destination hosts a TV six address
I p v six. Address representation rfc Foreign to anyone which obsolete RFC 35 13 and RFC 23 73. Spicy five. Key V six. Addressing architecture I keep These six addresses are 128 *** now
for display. The ITV six addresses have 8 16 big groups.
Each 16 bit group is represented using ah hikes decimal numbers. The hacks of decimal value is acts column. Oh, acts Compact column acts total eight access where each acts every presence of four Ah hacks. A decimal digits. 16 bits. Here's an example of a fool.
I'm t v six. Address
the hacks of decimal three Presentation of it is the preceding I. P V six battery number Is this right?
Groups were a value of zero can be represented with single zero like this. You can also represent multiple groups of 16 bits. With this. With the double column like this, you can simplify further to this war right
p format of critics. This table shows the allocation of address prefix is the I. P V six addresses space where the delegated the eye and a can find a current I p B six allocations at a website. Right? Many perfect is our steel on the sign
can share
on us nicely. Five addresses all zeros,
right? A signifies that I p v six addresses not spicy fire for the interface Spicy fire. The addresses are not a forward aided by an I p V six that rotter the loop back addresses all zero with the one
these addresses similar to the I P V for Luke Back address off 1 27 Does your does your that one
i p v six allows for i p b for a compatible I p v six address in a mixed I p V six p v For a moment, the ITV four portion off the address requires the last 2 to 16 bit blocks or 32 bits off the address, which is represented
in the TV for dollar. The decimal notation.
The portion of the I P V six address preceding the pipe for information is all zeros. Six. The hacks and dancing over 16 big blocks are
contaminated with a daughter. The decimal for May The 1st 96 bits are zero under the last. The 32 bits are used for the I P V for addresses on the example of that makes the full address is like this, right?
In this example, you can short into this
or this,
but RFC 49 21 mentions that TV for a compatible I P V six addresses have bean the prick ated says updated I p B six Transition magnetism is no longer used. This address is
I p V six prefixes. Our presentation
i p v six prefixes are presented similar to happy before with the falling for Mitt I P v six address for slash prefix
The I P V six address portion is a valley. The HPV six address the prefix a portion is the number of left. Almost the computer spits that re president of prefix.
You use the double column onl iwas in a representation on the example of I P V six prefixes like this
or this
learning jack Question number one. What is the most the compact representation over the following i p v six address,
It'll be C
Question number two, which RFC defines the HPV six to standard, and we'll see
in today's brief lecture with disgust. Archy, be six ADDers and address re presentation.
Any questions? Feel free to contact me. Otherwise I'll see you in the next video. Bye for now.
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