The 801 Exam

Welcome to Cybrary’s CompTIA A+ course for the 801 Series. This final segment of Cybrary IT’s A+ course is a thorough overview of the CompTIA A+ 801 exam. The Exam Review provides an overview the specifics of what the exam covers, the percentage of the exam each topic covers, the range and total number questions you should expect, and how you can best prepare yourself, tips on what you should do before during and after your exam, how to best schedule the exam, what forms of ID are required for entrance into the exam space, and what you can expect as part of the certification exam process. The CompTIA A+ Certification Exam covers both the 801 and 802 series, which covers both similar and unique material, but are structured quite differently. So we discuss the order for which you can sit each exam component, the timeframes allowed for completing both the 801 exam which is 90 minutes, the life cycle of your certification credential, what the A+ continuing education program consist of thereafter as well as maintenance fees associated with your credential and what that process entails. You’ll learn techniques for addressing the types of queries you’ll encounter on the CompTIA A+ Exam. For example, note the type of questions that are weighted more on the exam, in this case are hardware focused and performance based queries, as well as the specific content each section or subsection of the exam may focus on. Your ability to recognize and identify pictures, images and acronyms is essential, so we thoroughly discuss tips for mastering this aspect of the A+ exams content. We also discuss and provide some examples of type questions and where you will find them, advice on total number of queries the exam has and provide the passing score benchmark. And we also advise you on the exam, the payment policies for the taking the 801 and 802 exams, and certification notification process and how you can obtain your CompTIA A+ Certification document. The test taking tips discussed here generally apply to any exam or professional evaluation you'd prepare yourself for not the CompTIA A+ Certification exam in particular. The goal of this Exam Review is to help you manage your time wisely, think through the exam to navigate it strategically, and master each phase of the exam thoroughly.
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