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insider threat is a big topic these days. And traditional insider threat programs have failed to keep pace with today's digital workplace both in the technology and the culture.
And that leaves a critical gap in the security stack. So how do you build a modern insider threat program? Well, we talked to the experts, and they've identified the key steps involved in building a modern insider threat program,
covering things like identifying your most valuable data,
getting executive buy in, creating your rules of engagement and implementing the right technology.
So in this course will introduce you to experts in the security field and have them share their insights as we work our way through these steps.
But before we begin, there was one thing these experts stressed.
Before starting these steps, you need to define the scope of your insider threat program.
Many insider Threat program teams focus on data protection. Some focus on espionage or workplace violence.
If your focus is one of those segments, you should identify who is responsible for the other segments,
no matter what your primary objective. Ah, clear charter is critical to a successful program
documenting all risks at all times is going to be exhausting and will be hard to maintain since new risks pop up over time,
however, you can get going on your insider threat program right away. By working with the charter segment, owners
have them start with an organization wide inquiry of all the key stakeholders prioritizing your highest risks and start creating plans to mitigate those first.
With that charter in hand, by the end of this course, you will be familiar with and able to implement these steps to establish your modern insider threat program. And while our focus is on the data protection segment for these examples, you can apply the same steps for each segment in the charter.
Ultimately, the plan your organization develops should be individualized to meet your needs and culture
every step of the way. So if you're ready to hear from the experts, let's get working through the steps of building a modern insider threat program
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