8.3 IPv4 Addressing Design Address Assignment and Name Resolution

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Video Transcription
Hello. Welcome back. A Cisco Certified design associate, CCD. A model eight Lice in 8.3. I'm your instructor way.
In the previous video we talked about, I pee before addressing and stuff nets. From this video, we will begin to introduce PV for addressing these lines. Address assignment on name resolution
Here's a pretty assessment question. What are two benefits of structured? A key for addressing schemes? Choose to a reduces routing table. Size be provides increased the security See allows for addresses. Translation to be performed. The improves the manageability and troubleshooting
e increases the high availability o p a. N d.
Peers The topic of what disgust
i P d for address desire. Here we will covering I. P D for design topics. There's no perfect way to address a network on each company will have a unique set of a requirement that I won't drive the allocation. Some netting over the ikey addresses bases.
What is the goal? I. P v for addressing right. As a designer, you want to provide enough address capacity to address all notes in the never and allow for future growth.
You won't want to allow enough ITV for a sub nights for data networks. Where is Lance I ke Try phony I p T networks, video CC, TV networks, access control systems, networking management, server firms and around her switch rule back addresses.
These are lost communications to buy it the network's applications on two from the Internet.
With your addressing, you will want a science the city of some nets that allow you to easily segment communications between different traffic packs. For example, assigning 1 92 was 68 some. That's for data on the West. 72 16 for I P. T. On a particular site.
This makes it easier to configure futures that prevent nose on one any to Wessex aid from a camp team to collect. It was Sunday to 16 devices
that's protecting your key phones.
Plans for future use of I P. When assigning some dates of her a site or perhaps the floor of that building, do not assign some nights that are too small.
You want to assign some nights that all offer growth? Many obligations, and the Severus is get added to your debt only network, such as avoid security cameras, access control systems on video conferences, systems
for example, if a floor has a requirement for 50 users to us I a sliced 26 Sunday, which allows a 62 addressable notes or a dio SIA slashed 25 some that would you lot up to 1 26 notes.
You need to balance between the scalability of the address space on the efficiency RV to use.
Assigning too large of a sub net will prevent you from having other Sundance for I P T. And video conferencing. Sometimes new. Never. Additions do not allow you to the hair to a network of design
the company Matic opposition or new offices and might be created, although a new address desire
would be the clearness to sushi in the recommendation is to avoid a reed addressing all the networks. Here are some other options that you use a 10 slash eight as your maverick. Then you use the other private idea. Dresses will be additions right? Use net as a workaround performing Ross amortization
As a designer, you will want to Al Qaeda I P. V for addresses space to allow for Ross on tradition,
large networks can grow quickly from 500 rows 2000 and higher Rosanna organization reduces the size of the routing table on as a result and reduces the amount of a rock. Update traffic on the network Ross authorization allows the network addresses face the scale as the company grow right.
Plan for hierarchical T Address network
Looking at ITV for addressing foryour company wide network recommended practice that dictates that you allocate the continuous address box two regions of the network. Hi Roge Ical PV for addressing enables summarize ation, which makes the Napoli easier to manage and a troubleshooter
as an example.
Consider the TV for the Prime Ministry in this diagram, right? Never. Sundance cannot be aggregated because 24 some debts from many different networks are *** pointing in different areas off the network.
For example, some nights under 10 dot tense Last 16 Our deployment in Asia, the America on the Europe, right, the same Volker's with the networks attend our 70
the $10.1 28. This increases the size of the rotting people making a last efficient and also makes it the harder from network engineers. The troubleshooter, because it is not obviously in which part of the world a particular someday is that located by contests.
These dagga shows that that'll get that. Allocates ah, high level block to each region.
10 slash 18 for Asia Pacific networks tend A 64 for America's Networks Tenn 640.1 28.
For European and Tomato East networks, this solution provides a for summarize Asian of the regional networks at the area borders on they improve to control over growth over the rotting table.
Private and public i p. Address. On the Net. Guy Nice Use a public IPTV for addresses on external phasing device Is that required connectivity for the to the Internet? External organizations Examples including the following Interaction activity mottoes such as a publicly accessible Web and the DNC servers
E commerce or Carl module.
Remote access in the virtual private number. BTM module where public ikey addresses are used. Worse first selected connections The following are some a public private eye Addressing fast practice use Private I P addresses threw out of the Internal Enterprise Network using that and pad as needed
to translate between private internal I P addresses the public external addresses.
Use a one private address onto one public address net when serves on the internal network and need to be feasible for all of the public. A network and firewalls these ecstatic and net configuration
use up pat for many private address translations. To what? Public address translation for an assist. Those
that need to access these, you know, public network. This table provides examples of waffle where public are private. AKI addresses should be used in this system. Network architecture.
The agency has three address allocation mechanisms. Emmanuel Allocation DHD P is used to dispatch pre allocated I p address to a specific Mac address for Automatic Allocation Act he addresses are permanently assigned to host The key. Addressed A lot of expire
for dynamic allocation. I P addresses are assigned A for a limited time or until the host takes place, only releases the address These dynamic allocation magnetism can reuse of the I P address after the lease expires.
Dean s the domain name system. Deena's as the Internet debased. The directory system that returns the destination idea dresses came a domain names such as Cipro W Dust is gonna come.
Deena's is a distributed database, separate independent organizations and administered their assigned domain name spaces. And I can't break their domains
into a number of the sub dummies. For example, given the chip O W. Les is gonna call Deena's Returns. The Iraqi address 181 $33 to 1925 denies was first a spicy fight about I have See a two and a three.
The current specifications are spicy. Fighting RFC was 0 34 in the world. Leo, 35
denies that has also been updated by many different Our seas.
All right, as you can see a lot of the work as bound into making the NS efficient at a more secure right, Thes diagram shows a simplified the view off the DNA's process for a name resolution
the Kalyan device requires it's configured at the N s, a server. The result borer for the i. P address off fully qualified domain name
of Que tiene, for example, Triple double come the story's over, in turn requires the d n a server off the foreign or remotely in as a server, which responds with the address of a two bit W. Lessons go to come. This response is a stored in the in cash on the Reese over so that again he uses it for future cry iris.
The result over provides the response to the climb machine
which can then communicate via the ikey addressed to the destination.
Theoneste data is called a resource. Records are our resource is records on the data within the NSS roll right. This table. This is the sum of a common resource. Wreckers denies use the T C T and a year to be part of 53. You need be as the recommended to transport particle for the N s Berries.
TCP is about right command and a protocol for his own transfers between Dennis and servers.
Ah, zone chance for walkers only. You place that secondary server in the domain and a chance for the DNA information from a primary day and as a server to the second radiant ices over the inquiry certainties from the i p address of cute idea. For example, a triple double glasses go to come
running Question number. What? What? TV for advancing technique allows for the division of addresses into some nights of different sizes. A v r s m b r r c c i d are the net will be a v r s m
question number two. Where do you put denies that the DEA TCP on enterprise model. Right. She's to a s. Piaget. Create promise. Be enterprise Campus. A server farm module. See Enterprise Ach, the enterprise French.
Well, go ahead to be and the Enterprise Campus server farm module on the enterprise branch.
In today's brief lecture, we discussed I p v for addressing design address assignment on the name resolution. Any questions? Feel free to contact me. Otherwise I'll see you in the next video. Bye for now.
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