8.2 IPv4 Addressing and Subnets

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Video Transcription
Hello. Welcome back, Siskel Certified Design associate Macho eight Lights an 8.2 on your instructor way
In the previous video, we talked about I p v for header. From this video, we will begin to introduce a TV for addressing and a seven Eights
pre assessment question. What is the benefit of the using B r S m A. To save a waste of the ikey address, be to expand a 78 C to improve the performance by reducing motive, test on broadcast trafficking or network the to simplify the crowding domain.
The answer will be a to save our wasted I p address.
Here is the topic of what disgust
my TV For address type
TV. Foreign dresses can also be classified in one of these three types unit costs
broadcasts on the Mahdi cost.
Ah, you know, because the ideas re president a single interface off the hosts PC rotter server They can be a source or destination. Ikey addresses
Ah broadcast addresses a destination Nike address. That is a sight to all other devices in the given address range. No, Marie is a center. All devices in a sudden it ah multi cussed address as a destination ikey address. Send it to a specific set of a host.
This table some right is I t address types
by TV for private addresses,
some that members within the ITV four address space are reserved for private use. These numbers are not rotted on the Internet, so there's no way to reach them over an Internet connection. Many organizations today use the private eye addresses in their internal networks with net access. The Internet
net is covered in later in the following slights.
Private addresses are explaining. RFC 1918 address. Ah, location for private Internets population in 1996. Private addresses are one of the first steps in dealing with the concern that it globally unique i p v for addresses space would become exhausted.
The availability of a private addresses
combined with the night reduces the need for organizations to carefully defy some dates. To minimize the waste of assign her. Blake Global Ikey addresses
the 80 network addresses That space reserved for private Internet is 10 slash eight was $72.16 slash 12 on the 1 $92.68 slash 16 a includes a one cross eight network 16 costs beat networks on a 256 class to see networks.
This table summarizes private addresses space.
Large organizations can use a network of $10 0 Does your does your oh spot eight Tow Asari addresses face throughout. The enterprise meets eyes. Organizations can use one of the cost. Be private and networks 1 72 That's $16 year old 07 16
through 1 $72.31 dollars. 006 to 16
for i Ke addresses. The smaller classes see addresses, which begin with 1 92 that was 6 to 8, can be used aboard by corporations that are commonly used. The home Rodders
net. That device is a convert. Ikey addresses space into globally unique AKI addresses. Net was originally specified by RFC 16 30 War. The currently specifications is our after C 30 22. It is common for companies to using that
to translate internal private addresses,
too. Popular guy dresses on the vice versa, although it can also translate public I P addresses to public cocky addresses. The translation can be performing many private addresses to a single public address or from the many private ikey addresses to a range of a public I P addresses.
When that performs a Manny to one translation.
The process is called a port address. Translation packed because different import numbers identified translations as joining this diagram, The source address for outgoing I P packets are converted into globally unique ikey address.
The conversion can be configured a status Scully, or it can dynamically use a global pool addresses.
Now it has a several performance static and net maps. The unregistered or private i P address to register Ikey Address eighties were configured it manually. It is commonly used it to assign. And that road device with internal private ikey address unique a public address
so that it can be accessed from the Internet
that I'm a unit that chemically maps on registered or private ikey. Address to a registered charity address from a pool group of register addresses. The two stuff says of the dynamic and net are overloading on overlapping overloading
maps multiple and registered or private I P addresses to a single registered ikey address by using different reports.
This is also known as pat Single address net or port level multiplex. The net over. Lackey maps register internal ikey addresses out outside registered ikey addresses. It can also map external I P addresses to internal registered addresses. When designing for net,
you should understand the foley and terminology
septum in the internal network that might be using private ikey addresses. Public a network outside of the stuff domain reciting the Internet addresses in a public. A network can be reached from the Internet inside. Local Address the real ikey address of the device that recites in the internal network.
This address is used in the sub domain
inside a Crow boyars, the translated ikey aggressively device that recites in a internal network. These addresses using the public network outside Grow boyars, the Rial i p. Address off a device that reciting the Internet outside Up Stop domain.
Also a local address, the translated i. P. Address of the device that recites in the the Internet. These addresses used the inside of the stuff that may.
This diagram illustrates the terms described in the list, right? The real I P address of the host in a stop networks of 1 92 Wessex Ada, $10 rendered. It is the inside local address
than that rotter translates the inside. A local address into the inside Global address told $200. We're headed out $10.100 hosts the located in the Internet have there a real I. P address. I once had a global address
translated right in the example 30. That 100 out to Dr D is translated into the outside local address of 1 92 6 850
I. T. V for some dates,
some hiding place and the important part in I P. Before I visit the Subnet mask helps determine the network some network on a host of part of a Nike address. The network architect. He uses a sudden knighting to manipulated a default mask to create a sudden networks for Lana, where second it's
these sub networks have provided enough address for lance off different sizes.
Point point one links usually get on Sunday may ask that I lost for only two hosts because only two rodders are present in the point of 20.0.1 link. You should become a familiar with determining some network and numbers. Broadcast the addresses on host address range is given an I P address in the mask.
Some of the masses are used for Class A, B and C addresses on Lee
Motor cast addresses do now use the Sunday masks. A 70 mask is a 30 to beat the number in which bits are set to one to identify the network. A portion of the address and a zero is the host apart. Off the address,
the masses bit sad to one. Our continues on the left a portion of the mask
the bids and said that zero R continues on the right portion of the mask.
This table shows the default mascot for a cost. A B, as he addresses this section, addresses there's a waste to re present some night. The Basques. Understanding these ways is a significantly because understanding these ways is sticking to make. And because of the rig presentation of a network on a mask,
can the pure, differently assistant documentation or on the command interface is right?
There are several ways to present ikey Sunday mask. The masses can be battery hatch, desi Modotti decimal or a prefix bit mask. Historically, the most a commentary presentation was the Dalai the Decimal, from 255 $255.155 0.
The prefix bid may ask. A format is now more popular.
This format re presents a masked by using a slash, followed by the number off leading address bits that must be said What for the mask. It is also referred to as costless Inter Damian Rotting Cmdr Critics don't ation right. For example,
255 $255 You're zero is ripped present as the forward slash 16.
This table shows most of the mastery presentations. The slash 24 Basque is common land. Second, it's the slash 30 mask is common for 1.2 point links on a slash 32 is used of a rotter. Lou bag addresses
bearable live subnet mask. Very planted something master via Ressam's Divide a network into some nights of bears, all sizes to prevent wasting our key addresses
across the sea. Never uses a tooth are fired. 255255 to 40 as a subnet mask. 16. Some nights are available each way. The 14 Archy addresses they've appointed Point and Lincoln needs on Lee to I P addresses to all the I P addresses are wasted.
This problem scales further with the Cisco Crosby and costs a address two spaces with the V R S m
Small as can use this last one ace on that with the 14 hosts on. The larger letters can use a slash 23 its last 22 masks with the 529 and a 1000 and 22 hosts, respectively. Pointed Point that works, He uses up Slash
Dirty masked witches Supports to host.
There isn't a one way to subdivide a network, so there is no single correct a way to create a seven. It's the best practices, the divided large, not networks into smaller. Some days that can't be a scientist. Sights further divided each insights into smaller something. It's for data wipe a wireless land and other Sunday it's
to be used. The insight. Let Venus
furthermore, one and the point of point links. Roger as switchback addresses are I located Ikey some nights
learning check Question number one company wants the use of Private I P addresses. Oh, it's internal hosts which technology you can company use to provide access to the Internet. Using this thing. Single public ikey addresses a static and net be source rotting a c L D pat.
It will be deep half
question number two. Which key address can be routed across the public Internet?
A $10.31 does is one No. One. Be 1 92 168 32 That one see us 70 to 30 to one No. One.
The 1 69 to 54 32. I don't want LBC 1 70 to 30 to one. No. One
in today's briefing lecturer with disgust, I p V for addressing on some nights
any questions if you free to contact me, otherwise I'll see you in the next video bye for now.
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