7.4 Enterprise Branch Architecture and Teleworker Design

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Video Transcription
Hello. Welcome back.
Cisco Certified Design Associate Module seven. Bison 7.4
I'm your instructor, wink.
In previous video, we talked about enterprise of what architecture in the competent.
From this video, we will begin to introduce Enterprise Branch Architecture and the Town Work or delight.
Here's a pre assessment question. What branch designed supports 100 doll users on integrates essay firewalls, a small be medium See large, the actual large and what we see large. We'll discuss this further in the falling slight.
Here's the topic about this guys
branch connectivity. There are three common deployment Amato's of our branch connectivity, each with its own problems and a constant rate. Amateurs What single or do rotter? I'm sure it's V P M. Hi Burrito one, right, I'm sure, is via an Internet you can
injury, want
single or do rotter? Intern Ivy Kiet, I'm sure, is why moves a single or do rodders have pulled up? You know, I'm trying to peek in connections. I'm trusted. One provides it for the highest, and I sell a guarantees for both US capabilities and network habitability. However, these option is the most expensive,
and you need to be tied into the provider in this case,
Highbury one combines and charts VPN on the Internet. Bognor Last single rotter speed between a pair of the rodders. This developed deployment Amato offers balance that cost option between the higher costs. I'm sure it's a VPN connection, and then the lower cost Internet he can for back up
where the hybrid Aware
traffic can be split between them and tries a beacon for higher priority basted traffic on Internet. Be careful. Lower priority based. The Traffic Internet Why include a single rotter on you rodders using Internet based the we can only this deployment. Amato is the lawyers the cost option.
But relax that serves level agreements,
as always, curious capabilities offered by carriers. In this case, the enterprise would be responsible for providing any s always today and users
small brandy dessert
as recommended for branch offices that do not require hardware redundancy. On that, I have a small user basis supporting up to 50 users. These profile cause this off on AKs is rotter providing what Internet service sees connections for the land surfaces.
The axis rotter can connected the layer to assuage pores
in one of the three ways integrated a layer to switching, using an optional either switch module data provides 16 to 4 83 reports for client connections. Some module's air support Pio eat right external layer to swinging using are trying connection to an access wage
that aggregate of the evil and connections.
The access, which can also include a p o. E. T. To support ikey foes on a word to say keys logically. Third channel interface between the arias are and the access, which is using the ether switch. Margo the accents witches get also provided Kyo he has needed
Media Branch. It is like right the media branch of these. I has recommended of our branch offices off 5200 users, which is similar to the small branch by with an additional access rotter in the what hatch
slightly larger, allowing for me tendencies. Tracy's technically to 29 21 or 29 50 point rodders are used to support the one on the Internet. On a separate access, wages are used to provide line. Could activity
the instructor come competence are due axes, rodders externally or 23 switches. Laptops, desktops, rangers and ikey foes do Ethernet, the wild lynx provided the tribunal Western Seas, which are used to connect it back to the corporate offices via both over the access rodders.
They're three protocols of such as Yet Artie
are technically deployed because there are two writers hostin by rodder protocol, h S r P o r g o b B can be used to provide every tending the gateway certainties.
Que es can also be used to provide a guarantee to be in a way, the for boy and policing can be used to restrict their certain tracking crosses from overwhelming the
available being with Sister Laura Wise the futures. That's okay. Ask US access control list on a rep yet dark beast up rotting capabilities are available in the land based the future set, but advance that I came out a cost of rotting oh SPF years. RPP, Tiki and the motor cost the rotting protocols
team as them as as M require on upgraded ikey, sort of his future set.
The medium of branch desire supports using a higher density external assuage
were using. Lee has the first wage model with the eyes are to create the trunks to the external access wages. This Cisco callous of the 38 50 serious stretches have stacked wise technology, allowing multiple switches to be connected on a manager as one.
These also increases the poor density available for a user connections with Cisco Stack Wise technology customers can create a single forehand, a G chaos assuaging unit. They can connect up to the O
9 38 50 serious reaches using a variety of a fiber and copper port, allowing creator flexibility with the connection options.
So this diagram illustrates the medium branch. Does I using do rodders back to the corporate office where the corporate resources are okay, right?
Your honors,
there's a Primary Inc is back over
the large branch design is the largest of the branch of profiles supporting between 100. And after all you ***. This design for fire is similar to the medium branch design in that is
also provides a do access rodders in the one at in traditional do adaptive security appliance essays are using the first a full firewall future ring
on do distributions reaches provided the multi bear sway to incompetent. The one service is using the Androids deployment model where they do wanna links into the one proud Because they're argued, brothers read, Ending the never rotting can be achieved through the HR people bouncing
on the distribution layer sweeties First, the harboring identity protocols of such as H S R P J L B P can be used to provide
gateway redundancy. The do A s. A configuration allows for re tendency on a staple feel over qs and service is is that he has a shaping and placing can be applied to all the routers and switches that record
to meet the requirements off the larger user base distribution layer off amount of air switches is added to aggregate the connected to access witches.
I'm only leader sway to provide the additional lan switching capabilities. To me, that report density requirements are not laws of flexibility to support additional never devices.
A couple of the hardware options for this desire are the Cisco counter to the 38 fifties away the stack wise technology and are using modular approach with Siskel campus. The 4500
the Sisko 38 50 series of the switches provide greater creative poor density options and can even provide the retention power.
This is the 4500 switch proper form in the modular chances based up. Swear to that it not only allows for flexibility but increasing part densities through additional modules, but it can also provided Rettendon the power
and internally for the entire chances about using do power supplies all over the streets. Audio's Avenue P o E. Options available for both i triple Yaser to doctor 1/2 pillowy on Tripoli. A 2.3 80 Pou plus the Cisco carries the Fortify +07 switch.
Also support to do a supervisor capabilities or apply availability types of the moments
the Siskel fortify handers, which is also so poor. The virtual switching system. The SS feature we to virtually these a pair of a 45 100 switches, allowing them to act as a single switch. The Del Streaming Devices
and Francisco Paris. The 35 60 and 38 50 sweeties are used. Additional layer to security features of such a dynamic address resolution protocol are for the inspection
that I need a host. The control protocol with the agency if he's hoping on P source card can be used to provide additional security enhancements, right. This diagram industry to the large branch design using dual rodders essays end up
on the distribution sweet cheeks Right
now a day the newest branches rate is will be 9300 sweeties
out of the remote edges off. The never is another branch office known as the Enterprise Teleworkers. Cisco developed a solution. Connor Cisco Virtue Office Social, which has designed with the enterprise data worker in mine As organizations continually try to reduce costs and improve employee protective ity
that working from home is becoming on
increasingly popular option for businesses and organizations. These approach allows employees to manage their net work schedules more effectively and increase their productivity. These also resulting greater job satisfaction and the flexibility in the network. You know, work schedules.
The work from home hair worker is an extension of the enterprise, and a serves as the basis for the enterprise teleworkers solution
and fries. Town workers need to be differentiated from the occasional remote worker right food Time Enterprise Data worker has more extensive application access out of requirement, then occasional removal worker.
Well, did you know only remote users connect to the corporate network at how spot, but generally they do not have the same application demands over the enterprise type of worker
generally ever is that workers connected to a local I s P through ah, cable or D s l connection in their residents. This is go virtual offices solution for the enterprise That worker as incriminating using the Cisco 100 years I s arms each I s r has integrated the switch port They
them connected the users or broadband connection The solution uses permanent always on the second week in town all back to the corporate network
Thes architecture provides for centralized I t security management incorporated pushing the security policies on the integrated identity Stratasys in addition and its solution supports of the enterprise can America needs through advanced applications of such as voice and a video,
for example, the first out of worker can take advantage of told that pass
voicemail on dance the IKI form teachers not available in the p s t m I s R. Zafer teleworkers. This is going a 60 80 series offer integrated service. He's out of propaganda speeds of first small offices and the enterprise that workers
the renewal notices Go ahead, receivers, I s are selected
features include their support for data Security and the warrants Technologies
Question number one. I have 10. Work is required to access the branch office of Via Secure I p sec. Uh, the PM connection. Which technology has recommended that provided the underlying transport II s d and B Metarie Trey. See from early the 80 s l e a t m.
I see. You know the second you can over Internet, right?
Ah, cross number two. Which one of these are statements? This grabs a Why? From a design perspective, a managing to be can approach for enterprise 10 workers is most effective. Am managed to VPN solution uses a cost effective on demand. We can count all back to the enterprise B. This solution supports all 10 workers who do not require boys or video.
See, these architecture provides a centralized the management where the enterprise can up by security policies and the push configurations the air provides a complete flexibility for remote access is through awareness Hospital were aghast network at a hotel. In addition to a remote office,
the answer will be See these architecture provides centralized management of where the enterprise can apply security policies. Pushy configurations, right is an honor right because it's not demand. BPM begins Always all
B. I's not right because you know all those type of workers also needs of waste in the video or Vo De isn't all right, right?
OK. In today's brief lecture, we discussed Enterprise Branch architecture and title character design.
Any questions? Few free. Contact me. Otherwise
I was feeling extra video bye for now.
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