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2 hours 25 minutes
Video Transcription
in the last video we talked about analyzing devices in this city will talk about Red Team deployments and how you can use these attacks and harmless ways to teach others.
You may be asking yourself What is What is Red Team? Uh, we're a team, basically. Is the good guys pretending to be bad guys? So, like, say, in your organization, you have a security team. Some of that security team will pretend to do some sort of attack against the network or against employees,
and it's nothing malicious. But it's just a way to sort of sharpen their skills and to make people vigilant
now. Ah,
you often times when when they, uh, do Red team deployment of U. S B drop attacks, they do some sort of harmless attack. So it's nothing, really. That's going toe harm anybody's computer. Our network. It's really just going to report back to the security team so they know
who picked up device and who probably needs some retraining
now. Ah, I really encourage this because it can be very eye opening for employees. Ah, lot of times employees just get handed a video or a packet to learn what what USB drop attacks are, and a lot of times it doesn't sink in. So it's It's very important, um,
to get employees to know how these attacks really work and that yes, they can fall victim to them.
And if your organization has, like a no USB device policy, this can really help improve compliance to that.
Another positive fact is, if when people see the start happening to them or their coworkers, they could be more vigilant in a kick created culture of vigilance where people know what these attacks are. And hey, you need to stay away from those devices
and off. Of course, it could have, ah,
negative consequences. Maybe employees get angry about it, but I really feel like the benefits outweighed by the negative aspects. It really it really can be good for the security team,
sharpen their skills and
employees to become more educated and improve the security of their company.
And I just highly encourage it causes. Also, it's very fun for security team. If you're on the security team, I highly recommend doing something like this. So if you're not in the security team, I would also encourage them to maybe do something like this to just in
increase your security posture at your company
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