7.3 Enterprise WAN and Architecture Components

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Video Transcription
Hello. Welcome back, Cisco Certify Design Associate Argue seven License 7.3
I'm your instructor, Wayne.
In the previous video, we talked about the enterprise VPL the s p v p m. On a one back up with his life.
From this video, we will begin to introduce enterprise or what? Architecture er, and a competent pre assessment question. A network engineer is implementing a new MASH one apology the solution support synchronous band with and ah, law for future growth
Which solution is past the suited to meet this requirements?
A s S L v p n over business class cable modem B d M v p n Over a business class Mod um C m tress over Internet di Bolly The tea Once they're going to be right the M v p n over business class mom
over the Internet.
Here's the topic. It will discuss
enterprise one. Architecture
was selecting on enterprise one architecture you should identify, and I understand the business and a technical requirements. It is important to review sample network of designs that could help identify requirements. Here are some common factors that influence decisions for one architecture selection,
high availability, most of business need, ah, high level off availability, especially for their critical applications. The goal of H A is to remove the single point of a theater in the design,
either by software features or hardware based. The residency. Redundancy is critical in providing high levels of availability for the enterprise.
Some technologies have the beauty and techniques that enabled them to be highly available for technologies that do not. Other techniques can be at used, such as using additional West orchids or back of a power supplies.
Support for a growth often enterprises one to provide it for growth in there. One architectures Considering the amount of effort and the time required to connect additional sites.
High growth one technologies can reduce the amount of effort on a cost and blow the network expansions.
One. Technologies that do not provide a growth required. Significantly more effort, time and cost toe. Add a new branches or remote offices, operational expenses, expenses try be lying and traditionally GM frame like tend to have higher recurring expenses.
The Internet based the I P GPS
publican networks, such as the Internet, can be used for one service is to reduce costs, but there are some tradeoffs with the reliability security compared to private or a T m from late type of test boards. Moreover, public networks and make it more difficult to provide a commands. The technologies,
such as real time voice in the video
operational complexity, the expertise off the technical staff who are required to main cannon, a supporter, wine and man technologies varies. Most enterprises that have the internal 18 knowledge to handle most of traditional man in the world operates without the need for March training.
However, some of the advanced the technology is a usually reserved for as peace
may require. Additional training for the I T staff even supported the proud in house. Depending on the technology additive. These are you have opportunities to reduce their complex today through a network of management costed to implement implement.
In most cases, the implementation cost is a major concern.
During the design process, it is important to evaluated the initial and recurring costs along with the decisive benefits. Sometimes an organization came back radio from a legacy connectivity to new technology with a minimal investment in terms of equipment, A time and a resource is
the other. Casey's, a network evacuation can require low initial costs
in terms of equipment and resources, but it can provide a recurring operational savings on a greater flexibility over the long term network. A segmentation support segmentation provides for layer 23 logical separations between networks. Instead of attempted physical separate networks,
advantages include and reduce the costs associated with the cream and maintenance and carrier charges.
In addition, separate security policies can be implemented for department or by functional area off the network to restrict access as needed. Support for voicing a video There is increasing demand for the support of a voiceover man and the one technologies
some meat went. Providers offer Cisco
cures to certified ikey VPs, which can provide the appropriate levels of a Q s needed for voice and video deployments in cases were Internet or how big a network connections are used. Kyul, as cannot always be insured. When voice in the video are required for small. This is
tire workers are remote agents. 768 K. Bps upstream band Whaler. Greater is recommended
since the and wrestle want in a man the system and presto when a man active texture uses several technologies that work together in a cohesive relationship. Here's the list of a system and oppressed man or one technologies private of, well, write optional encryption
Private awhile where the self deployed and Torres
I. S P service Our Internet will cite aside remote access of each. Yet as P managed ikey Mandras VPN thes architectures provides interpreting the Q as a security, reliability and ease of a management
that is required to support enterprise business applications. And the service is enterprise. What I'm an architect or have a common characteristics that the law that never a designer
to compare the advantages out of this is of any use of each approach. This table compares, the character sticks up the private, the one I I s t service as p interest I ke want VPN on a private of the amateurs. Architectural right
enterprise. What Confident? Well, in selecting enterprise adjudge pumping, it's you want to keep several considerations in mind. Here are some defectors they examined during selection process. Hardware selection involves the datalink functions on features offered about a device
considerations including the following
per density types of a port to support it, modularity at all hardware background and a packet of through boot redundancy. See teal and or Power X band ability for future use software selection focuses on. Then we'll get performance on the feature sites included in a software.
Here are some defectors to consider forwarding decisions
technology feature support being away the optimization security vulnerabilities software issues, right? Well, evaluating hardware eighties, right. Commanding too. That that you use the ladies this Cisco product of data sheets
to research hardware on determine the agreement capabilities. Remember the consider the poor densities at types of our ports.
The device offers some other areas to the investigator Include the device popularity packet of through poot redundancy capabilities under the device is expanding expandability options finally remember to factor in what power options the hardware supports.
This diagram shows the Siskel I S R t to hire options, right
since goes a second generation of the integrated Stratasys rodder. I S R T too is a part of the burners network with Cisco Network architectures about the enterprise.
These eyes are G two brothers have provided a platform for business innovation by meeting performance requirements for the next generation of ah well on network service Ese,
this architecture allows cost effective delivery of the high definition HD collaboration solutions out of the branch office on a support to the six year transition to the private cloud Siskel I s RG two runners enable the businesses that deploy on demand service is which reduces the overall cost of ownership.
Here are some a key advantages over the I s RG two runners deliver next generation while on the network of service of capabilities. Provide a video bays of the collaboration and the Reach media service is
and it'll secure transition too proud and a virtual eyes is the network insurgencies reduce the energy consumption and it costs to the support incorporate a responsibility.
In addition, a new Cisco 4000 the series integrated the service's rotter offers a 4 to 10 times performance increase for the same price as the SRG, too.
Sit still for a case of support many over the same features as I s r G to but with the idea that capabilities such as integrated starves a container Modern Corp. How do our wiki acceleration under the IOA is actually operating systems? Right? These table
compares the system Roger and a switch hardware platforms on their associative software families releases and a functional
descriptions is right. You can pause in the do some further research on this one, too. Right to spend some time on this. They're worth it.
Question number one on remote office that has a T 11 link Thio headquarters and a T one interact connection. Right. The crying and request. We want redundancy. Have quarters with similar van Whip. What to connection times his studies by these two recording Choose to
a secondary team Won the Y circuit
B I s a n b r c I p said the phone over the Internet
The D w p m e hotline t want one, right? We go in the a m A c so the answer will be a M c.
Question number two Which one? Technologies costs the fact of a method to deliver 100 me called Ben away to multiple branch offices. A D s l B d w d m c R E S t. And the natural history will be made for you
in today's brief lecture with disgust Enterprise. One architecture and a competent.
Any questions? A few Free to contact me. Otherwise I will see you in the next video. Bye. For now
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