7.1 Traditional WAN Technologies

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Video Transcription
Hello. Welcome back, Siskel Certified Design Associate Module seven Lesson 7.1
I'm your instructor. Wait.
In the previous video, we talked about a one on and press edge overview on a one transport technologies.
From this video, we will begin to introduce traditional one technologies.
Here's the Prius. Azman question I s d n as a short for integrative service. His digital network
under what category of the one technologies does SD n belong a packet switched
be leased. The lions see straight this rigid
De Salle switch
and the striking switched
prized The right package is way too. There will be a framer. I sell sweatshirt again. Maybe I am right. Give me a C circuit. Strange.
Here's the topic of what disguise
Traditional one technologies was selecting a particular one technology. You should be familiar with the three major categories that re present to traditional ways.
Circuits switched. Please. The lions and a packet in the cell of switch right for service reached their connections that it can be a brought up Well, indeed it on terminated when finished.
Examples include ordinary public sway to the telephone. Never P S t l phone surveys analog modem and I s t M
carriers reserve that call path through the network of For the Duration of the Call
for Least Alliance, a dedicated connection provided by the SP thes times of the connections For a point to point on a generally more expensive
TDM, based at least the lines usually use a synchronous data transmission
package, and the cell switched connections there. User virtual circuits of PVCs, as metes established about the ice be peg its way to the technology's include a free morelli and a cell Sway to the technology to include a T M. A. T M uses the cells and provides a support for multiple quality of a serviced classes.
The virtual strike aides are part of this shared a T M criminally Ask Pete Backbone Network.
This gave us the ice p greater flexibility where they too start of his offerings when planning and the designing packet its way to the one you should have become a formula with some basically want apologies. This one apologies include The Hobbit, A spoke partial Nash. Full mashed apologies as roaming in this diagram,
Habana spoken it apology
a star or hot on a spoke but quality provides aha! Broader with connections to the spoke rodders through the one fouled
network in a communication between the sights flows through the hot rodders.
Significant one cost the civilians nor circuit cons on a simply find the management or benefits of the Honda spoke topology. In addition to having a spoke, apologies provide a one hierarchy and can provide a high availability through the use of a do rodders out of the hot site.
A major disadvantage of this approach is Dad, maybe you use a single hot broader they can re present to a single point of a fitter.
The Hobbit has spoken apology. You can also leave it in the overall performance when the resource is our access that through the central Hobbs water from the spoke writers, such as were the spoke to spoke never traffic on that fool mashed apology with full matched quality.
Peachy site has a connection to all other sites in the one cloud any tow any.
As the number of the sites grows, so does the number of spoke connections that are ultimately required, causing apparently the full mash 12 years, not a variable in very large networks. However, a key advantage of these apologies that
he has planted all the redundancy in the event of a network fitters.
But a redundancy implement data with this approach does have high price associated with it. Here are some of the issues in her in there with the full mash apologies. Many virtual circuits are required to maintain the food. MASH
issues altar with them. The amount of a broader guys. The motorcross replication packets for each site, complex configurations are needed.
Very high cost.
Partial mashed apology. A partial mashed quality has fewer of easy connections than a full mashed apology. Therefore, no. All sites in a cow are required to be connected at each other. However, some sights on the one crowd have a full mash characteristics.
Partial mashed apologies can give you more options and flexibly
for where to place the high redundancy veces based on your specific departments, such as where the core homicides but no at other non critical branch offices. Point point apology a point. A point of 12 year back to back in action
is when you have just two sites with a single connection
connecting them together. Thes apology is very straightforward and easy to work with but a relax scalability a view Consider handers of the sites, for example, point a point. Links are also widely available but generally have ah higher cost associated with them. Right
traditional While technology several one technologies can be used for connecting remote sites. Pact of 10 quarters or remain site. However, these three main options are typically used for remote connectivity, each with its own cross on a cause
Right This table listed a pro on cause over the remote Seiken. Activity of options
on this diagram illustrates the three main options for connecting remote sites. On quarter locations,
there's, ah, least Ally Levi and over Internet as P managed to VPL Rick Private Network
Thes the lies are Frye v. A point a point. There were connections between a pair of sites with the least the lies you gather. The same upload in the Donald being with on the speeds are usually between 10 and em back. B ps two won t. V. P s or more.
These delights provided a consistent on a reliable being away that long in the security.
However released, the lines are more expensive when compared to the asked the manager to be p n or enterprise. Manage the VPN over it in right. Given that the PM's over private, our property and networks generally have lower costs. The least alliance They have become the most popular methods
for ramosside connectivity.
A service provider managed to begin where the SP builds and manages the V p. M. The ask PVP ends there by acting as AH transport network between H Kill locations on a remote branch offices for multiple customers.
I'm sure as hell three VPN as the most a Communist herbs offering
but other out to the seas are usually available as well. We asked the manager to BPS. The provider will typically offer to manage a voice and Internet service. He's allowing me one service is
enterprise manager VPN. As a matter about building secure tunnels between your sites using the Internet as the transport network, there are many VPN technologies available, but as long as the Hollows heir protected with thy peace take,
you can be safe to use over the Internet. Usually the tabs of a site aside, Thanos is the lawyers. The cost option by Lex as always, on a trafficker reliability for availability, right delay Energia
Morning jack Question number one, which Pakis waiting to policy approach typically requires the creatives the level of expertise they implement. A point a point. Be partial mash. See hopping a spoke.
See Starr. I give you a partial mash that's needs more expertise to implement.
Question number two. What type of apology Supports of one. Redundancy. When a balance is required between caused the high availability and a performance a star be hopping a smoke seafood mash
the point of point e bus Have a partial mashed d ring. It will be a partial masquerade. I was really good buys the between cause. The high availability, their performance
In today's brief lecture, we discussed the traditional one technologies
and questions. Feel free to contact me. Otherwise I will see you in the next video Bye for now.
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