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All right, now we're gonna begin looking at some of these standards and regulations and privacy laws. And for those of you that know me, I'm not going to spend a lot of time saying memorized this abstract,
you know, set of numbers and letters that traces back to a miss standard in the 18 hundreds.
Um, that being said, there are some of these you do have to memorize and the ones you have to memorize. I've pulled them out on the slide, so Yeah, I'm afraid you're gonna have to memorize my so standards in this standards and different international laws.
Again, these pop up a bunch from the test, so we're gonna start off with ice. 0 27,000 in 18.
And I said 27,000 18% different elements. Um, better this standards to privacy. Okay, So the international standards, his first of all, you have to get consent for the information that you collect. Right? So if I'm gonna collect information on you,
that's private information you need to give your consent.
Um, many times. That's done through. You know, here's a a long list of details. Click. Yes. If you agree. And a lot of times people don't read that information. Always tell folks, ain't nothing free. You know, if there's no product, you're the product. So when we get these
super saver cards at the grocery store, we download some shareware. This that or the other very frequently that comes with turning over certain pieces of personal information. And we're green for without, really,
necessarily knowing we are our control. I have a degree of control or I have control over where that information goes, how it can be distributed, So can you collect it? Information. Can Amazon collect information to stay at Amazon with what I purchase?
Or can that information be distributed to other organizations, other companies? And again, a lot of times we turn that right over to distribute. However they want
transparency. I should be able to see the information that is collected about me. I should be able to have the right to dispute it.
If perhaps anyone agree with the information on if you've ever had something with credit where maybe, uh, you get denied for purchase on your credit card and you have a right to contact the credit bureau and say what do you have on me? You know, to be able to communicate that information is transparent,
and then there should also be independent
annual audits to ensure the information that I
store that's private to other individuals to make sure that that's protected properly.
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