6.4 Module 6 Recap

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8 hours 33 minutes
Video Transcription
So at the end of this model, just do the short tree, Kip.
So, uh,
at the beginning of this model you have learned about what are the elements Off Excel interface? Ah,
quick job, Our ribbon. Ah, and some other parts of excel interface. I'm having to mention all of them because it's a
It has already been said as a quick access. It'll burn ribboned Richard. The most important one reaches the ones that we have been customizing. So you have learned that you can add most likely used functions in the quick access till bar, which is sitting by default on the top off your excel screen.
And this is very useful because it can be, ah, command that is in one tab off the ribbon,
and you can then access it quickly if you're in the other type of the ribbon. For example, if you want toe, manipulate fun size
while doing formulas, you can do that easily. Or, for example, if you're doing people table and you want to change the color of the fields Oh, our cells or you want to add some, uh,
geometric shapes while, uh, I don't know doing page layout, you cannot do all that. So that's just that's the whole point of customizing Tober, putting their the commence use most
and especially if you use them while if you want to use them while doing something else, that is a part off a different tab or the, you know in a little bar, so you don't have to move the mouse in the switch from 11 tab in the ribbon to the other.
So the next Ah, you have learned how to customize the ribbon howto add tabs, how to add groups within tabs, how to remove ones that you have in the fault of you and you don't want them.
And also you have learned how to save your changes, how to reset them and how to import those changes later. For example, if you need it just for one types of documents, you can create the interface that, for example, for financial reports
on and when you do the analysis on financial reports
and then you save it. And then when you finished with financial reports, you simply reset your Excel user interface toe default, and you just important that when it's needed
so at the end of this module, you have been able to learn how to customize the look and feel off your Excel worksheet, meaning if it gets printed
to make sure that what you want to be on one page stays on one page and not split by default on multiple pages. Because this is real excelled as you have also seen, how to customize the units in which
the XL shows the width and height of the Collins and so you can fit it toe your page. Because if you're using
you know, for example, letter sized paper leads 8.5 inches wide.
And if your margins are one each on each side than you have 6.5 inches of space in which you can put your printed
And if if something you're creating is wider than that, then you in page set up, you can scale it so that it fits. Or you can use page, break, preview and fit it. So So it's like that, or
if you don't want to fit it on one page. But for example, in two pages, you can make sure that then it fits into pages not on two pages and one comb gets printed on the third page.
that was this thesis module and thank you for your attention.
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