6.3 DMZ Connectivity, Internet Connectivity and VPN Network Design

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Video Transcription
Hello. Welcome back, Siskel Certified Design Associate Module six. License exploring free. I'm your instructor. Wait.
In the previous video we talked about on adjectives, line my third allergies. From this video, we will begin to introduce the M C connectivity Internet connectivity on VPN ever designed
Prius has been questioned. Which three models would typically utilize a public TV for abusing? Choose free
you comers,
Internet connectivity, Remote access VPN right? Those are neat, you know, public facing modules wrestling a month you are not.
Here's the topical discuss today. First of all, we discussed you know, the emcee types instead of the enterprise. Adam Audio. The main purpose of the M zis is to provide access the service is it through control and the isolation techniques
right? Firewalls are used to second end of the D. M. Z is by function Internet T M Z or remote access VPN DMC, for example. The embassies are typically segmented and controlled by a C. L's on state full firewalls to such as this, Cisco s a innovation and security controls such as virtual device, the contacts net
Proxima and this pleat rotting Deanna's can also be used in. Hence the levels of security. Right service is within. The D M Z is can be hosted on our physical or virtue appliances for locating and Dennis Interest.
DMC types included the following Internet E Emily These times over the emcee is to provide Internet facing service is that has Web email, Deanna's and e commerce and receipts for a corporate users on all customers. Remote acts of the V p m d M a T T m Z for network access by corporate users.
Bye SSL or AKI Psycho VPN sessions
side the side of a P M D m z the MD for ramosside or a branch office connectivity by the second week in tunnels as an alternative to private network Go one surveys
Call service is of the M C D M Z. To connect it to public call. Service is such as a AWS or eyes were via encrypted tunnels. Unified communications. The M C D M Z to host the UC service is that she has a voice. The media over the Internet security serves of the embassy
security base. The D M Z for service is that he has Web publication firewalls, wops,
intrusion Provisions, Service's I ps is email on your all feel during service sees this diagram. They picked the use of a firewall. The emcees were the access control entries in N Price Pash.
Internet connectivity options include a foreign do rotter do home to provide the highest level of the residency for Internet activity with full redundancy hardware links and Internet service providers. Single rotter Do Home
provides a good level of redundancy for Internet activity through the use of multiple links and a multiple Internet service providers
on a single rotter. Single home right provides the bare minimum for the Internet activity, providing no levels of a redundancy for the hardware links or Internet service provider. This diagram shows Internet activity options with different levels of a redundancy with disgust.
Because of central sights, higher user populations, they will normally have a higher Internet being way of the connectivity on a centralized the access control for the Internet traffic falls.
Although most the branch offices will have an Internet connection, many of them will still have their Internet traffic back halt over the one today central site where central lies. The access control can talker another Internet activity option for branches sites as to have their own direct engine at access.
But there are security challenges with a hearing to the same set of a security policies in place out of the centralized the site, even though the performance of the traffic flows is better with the director Internet access, there's a greater security risk before the impress due to more Internet connection points for Attackers to target
high availability for the Internet at once, you have decided on having to interact rodders each with a link to two different Internet service providers. It is a time to start thinking about the biological design. For the writers,
logical Internet age eight is like considerations, including the following. Use a public A B G p. A s number for a GDP. Connections to the I s Peace
Used provider and independent I p. Address space to a law for other bird ties. Man to both I s Peace. Receive the full or partial Internet routing cables to optimize the forwarding outbound
they use h s r p g l b p o r r i g p. Such as AARP or less pf internally.
Then now we talk about a V p s we can tied to the divided by application, including a falling right remote access V P. M.
Well, this time of the V cam. Corrections gave mobile users home users and a partner's activity to corporate Internets over the Internet. Users. A tactically connected remote, connected, remotely and cable honest land or free G for G W. Wet
remote access wiki is usually terminated on Cisco ASA appliances on it can be grouped together to form a little bodies in crossed arena Dedicated the emcee
or existing Cisco A. C s. A firewall right can be used in smaller organizations. Both SSL on the piece like protocols are supported with the remote access A VPN, but SSL is recommended
with a nice as L V P. And crying is I. Options include a food tunnel or straight tunnel, local land access or Web or any connected client
on authentication, magnetism on dhe and point assessments. All your force about a s, a appliance side the side of Ikea sighed a sigh. VPs over the Internet over now donated one transport for inter attacking sites, generally the remote size that uses their Internet connection
to establish the VPN connection back to the corporate haven't had in the office
Saturday aside, the PS can also use a Nike backbone provided by service provider the menus. The cases of her side of the savvy P s are for Primary one transport. Lower cost. I am sure as it went back up on a connecting to secure Cloud service is
yes, A six guys are anuses school ASR receivers. The routers are commonly used the first satisfied of GPS with P sec over J R E to support the deployment of the I D piece
External Week here.
This is another form of a scientist out of AP Infrastructure for business Partner is an activity that also uses it up Internet or a private infrastructure from network access. Keep in mind that it is important to have the security extra night, and I work policies to restrict the business partners access.
Technically, these times of our VPs
terminating a partner designed firewalled the limit terrorize the zone. D. M Z On this diagram shows a VPN examples for home users. Mobile users Asset of the Savvy P s
Question number one, which technology issued a company used to connect the branch office to headquarters via an Internet connection. Well, maintaining confidentiality out of the flexibility to run a routing protocol between the two locations. A jury over i p sick
p i p sec
c t u r e d I says all weepy, eh?
A journey over I p second give you like the security and a denim make a rotting particle I p sec only give you the
jury you and give you the routing protocol, right? As as all the kin doesn't support routing out. All right?
because you never do on designing for remote worker which, to our technical requirements to choose to a best effort interactive and a little bottom traffic patterns bu connections to the enterprise ads using layer to one technologies. See, always own connection with the S away from R E S P
the voice anarchy Second can support
e high end security devices with a state full fire Will feel during after you are Monte Homing Thio. Yes, he is always all the boys in uh it is always on connection with ice Away from I s P is a voice Our peace I could be a pan support, right. These are
too technical requirements critically to remold workers.
In today's brief lecture, we discussed the Emily Connective, the Internet connectivity and BP, and never does
any questions feel free to contact me
otherwise are suing an extra video by from now.
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