6.2 WAN and Edge Design Methodologies

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Video Transcription
Hello. Welcome back. Cisco Certified Design Associate Module six. License 6.2
I'm your instructor wing.
In the previous video, we talked about a one an enterprise Adieu. Overview on a one Transport technologies. From this video, we will begin to introduce one and agitated line methodologies.
Pre assessment question. A client wants to consolidate applications that are currently housed a multiple sites to remote Dennis entered what to desire. Requirements are unique to this is scenario. Choose to a bandwidth, be security, see later and see
thes stories.
The availability. We always go with the being away that lady and see two critical requirements. Always been away, then later. Okay,
here's a topic you worry. Discuss
the plan build and the marriage methodology should be used when designing enterprise agin networks. Some keys to P p m. R the processes of a identifying business and in technology strategies. Assigning the existing network and creating a design that is a scalable, flexible on a resident.
First of all, we need to identify in the network requirements, right. Includes are reviewing the times of applications to the traffic bottom and that the traffic patterns in a network on then a sizing the existing network
reviews the technologies used the on the locations of the host server's. Now we're clean it and other and notes.
Finally, we needed it. You know, designing the technology It is too, based on Ilya availability of technology as well as the project of the tractor patterns,
technology, performance constraints and a reliability with designing the want apology. Remember that the design should have described the functions that the enterprise modules issue to perform.
They expected the service level is provided about each of one. Technology should be explained. One. Connections can be characterized about a cost of the renting the transmission media from the service provider to connect it to our more sites together. Right.
New network of designs that should be flexible and adaptable. The future technologies. I should not leave it to the customers. Options going forward.
Voiceover I Ity and video are examples of the technologies they're never designs. It should be able to support. Even a customer decides to move to a convergent and their work. The customers. You now have to undergo major hardware up praise to implement this time's of the technologies.
In addition, I'm going support in the management over the network.
There's another important factor, but always the designs cost effectiveness. Right thing. This table that's the key design Presuppose
they can help serve as the baby's easy for developing our designs. Yeah, you can always spend some time on this. This is very vulnerable.
I availabilities often what most businesses and organizations is dr for in some that were designed. The key competence of application availability, our response time through pooed and reliability, real time amputations and such as a voice in the video are not very tolerate to Jada on the delay.
This table identifies of various applications requirements for dead our boys in the video traffic
right. For a response, we start with the response time right response time. Agger's the time between the chi user request and the response from the server host.
The user will accept a certain level of delay in response time. In a steel. Be satisfied, however, there's a limit to how long the user will wait.
Least amount of time can be measured at a serves at bases of her future replication response Times users perceived the the network communication in terms of how quickly the server returns that requested the information on the hall fast. The screen updates right
some of occasions, such as a request. The foreign HTML Web page requires short response times. On the other hand, on large FTP transfer might take a well right. But these are the generally acceptable
through putting network communications as the measure of data transferred from one host to another in a given amount of time being with the intensive applications have. Moreover, the impact on the networks through poot,
then interactive attracted, such as a town that session right. Most of high throughput applications usually involve a stomach type of ah
file transfer activity. Because throughput intensive education is have longer response times, you can usually schedule them. One time sensitive traffic bottoms are lower, such as after hours on reliability. It is the matter of the gaming applications ability to its users.
Some organizations require rocks socket application reliability such as five nice 99.999%.
These the higher price than most other applications, for example, financial and a security exchange commission's require nearly 100% up time for their applications. These times of the networks are built with a high amount of a physical and logical redundancy.
It is important to a certain level of the reliability needed for a never
there is being designed. Reliability goes further than availability by Magarri, not only whether the surveys is here about whether it is a performing as it a shoed
physical piano. Harrison This Tebow compares a number of different of one technologies along with the speed and the media types associated with him. Right? The one designer must engineer the network with enough been with to support the knees off the user's on applications that will use the never.
How much better with the never needs
depends on the service is and applications they had a will re card network being with. For example, avoid traffic requires more being with the interactive six Rochelle as shh! Traffic
margin them of the graphic exhort See 80 joins require an extensive amount of up being away, the comparative file or print sharing information being transferred on the network.
A big driver in increasing demands for more being a way of days, they expanded use of cooperation applications. They'll use a veto interactivity, right? Ah, when designing being away the father when remember that implementation and the recurring costs are always important factors.
It is a *** to begin planning for one capacity early.
Ah one. The link utilization reaches around 50% to 60%. You should consider increases and closely monitored a capacity. At that point,
when the legalization reaches around 75% immediately, attention is required to avoid a congestion problems Pachter loss that will alter when the utilization nears a full capacity.
US. Technology has become increasingly important when the laces of the traffickers, such as void but is using the limited behind available on the one right then man with, on the other hand, is a generally inexpensive on a 24.
In the age of a robust the real time applications Forever, Kyi's can be necessary till the land as well. To provide connectivity on the land, you technically need to be concerned on Lee, where the hardware and the implementation costs
one Lincoln Characteristics. When you start to evaluate the one lane characteristics, the generally fall into free, proud cabarets, private least and assured.
There are many factors to consider, such as a hollow one has used to cause the vantage is out of what technologies are available in a given area.
This table identifies bear is welling occur of the sticks. There are fixed and recurring costs in most away moments. Fix the costs included an art network equipment circuit of provisioning and that would be management tours.
The recurring costs included a service provider, monthly one service, peas, men and his costs of the one and the network operations personnel.
to s considerations. QS isn't an effective a tour for managing thatwas available. Being with keeping minded at us Donato at a band with it only helps you make better use of it
for chronic congestion problems. QS isn't out of the answer you need to Adam or being with. However, by prioritizing traffic,
you can make sure that you most a credible traffic gets the best treatment available being with in times of our congestion. One popular to as technique
is to classify your traffic based on a protocol type or a matching access control list. A. C L then gave a policy treatment to the class.
You can't define many crosses to match or identify your most important traffic of assists. The remaining unmatched the traffic that uses a default class you went to. The traffic can be treated as best effort
Killian traffic is shaping on placing Siskel asked about many different QS mechanisms such as a killing placing at a traffic is shaping to insure network operators to manage it on a prioritize the traffic flowing on the network.
Applications that are the laces a diva such as a VoIP, require special treatment to ensure proper application functionality.
Killian refers to the buffering process used by Rogers and the switches when they receive attractive faster than can be transmitted. Different appealing mechanisms can be implemented to influence the order in which of the different appeals are serviced.
That is a whole different times of a travel very empty either from the fuels.
This table identifies QS considerations to optimize being with
think efficiency were the two school IOS, Several in conditions and mechanisms are available, right Lincoln Fragmentation and the Intern Eve, our WiFi multi Blinken PPP out Marquis and a real time transport brogare kee P Hatter. Compression
provided for more efficient use of available being away
this table. Describe this system IOS link efficiency and mechanisms.
Spend some time, get familiar with it,
learning check
a campus network needs enter en que es tours to manage the traffic at ensure voice quality, which three times of a Q S tours are needed. Choose three a interviews, cooing and a scheduling. Be congestion management. See compression on the fragmentation be banned way. The provisioning
you tracked across vacation
half by for management
interviews is growing at a scheduling banner with the provisioning. Traffic ossification is all related to the QS. There are two s tours, congestion, management, compression and offer. The opals are hardware itself. The function is not a Q S Tours you can leverage is not a controllable right.
Quite a number two. Which two considerations are important when designing the axis Earlier?
A. To Esther service Be Logan's See HS Archy. The poor security e rotting between Venus A Toby A Q. S right can do the marking from the access later on. Also poor security for the access of a MD
Internet's brief lecture with this guy's the one adieu design methodologies. Any questions? Feel free to contact me. Otherwise I'll see you in the next video. Bye for now
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