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3 hours 58 minutes
Video Transcription
in this course, we discussed the art in science of Mobile now analysis. And to arm you in your fight, we began by covering what types of threats you'll encounter targeting mobile platforms. And why, then, to help you understand how Mauer authors take advantage of these threats to IOS and Android, we showed you both mobile architecture than how they work.
Next, we spend quite a bit of time talking about mobile, static and dynamic analysis techniques and also give you advice as to how to build your own labs. We then ended with some practical examples so that you could get some experience with mobile mouth or analysis. And now I encourage you to keep learning and researching on your own.
So I really hope you enjoyed the class. There's really a lot more I wish I could have covered with you here and really invite you to email me for questions and comments and just in general malware, chat and discussions if you need. So I wish you good luck in your analysis. And thank you so much for watching
Mobile Malware Analysis Fundamentals

In the Mobile Malware Analysis Fundamentals course, participants will obtain the knowledge and skills to perform basic malware analysis on mobile devices. Participants will perform these tasks by learning and implementing tools and techniques while examining malicious programs.

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