6.19 The 6 Domains of CCSP: What Now?

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all right, we've done it. Six domains of C. C. S p. Ah, starting out with just going over the basics of the exam and what to expect. And then we talk about architectural concepts and designs. That was the chapter where we look at the various deployment models
and we look at the various service model. So deployment models we looked at public private hybrid,
um, community clouds in the service models we really started to talk about. What does this mean? Software's a service and platform is the service and infrastructures of service.
And how they can operate independently or how they can operate is part of a bigger stack. So we really did kind of the basics there in Chapter one, just understanding
the architecture of cloud computing. Then, of course, we had to look at that a security in Chapter two. How we protect that at rest. How we protect that in motion, how we protect data that's in process and where we're headed in that general direction.
And we look at things like data loss prevention systems. We look at information rights management.
We looked at secure protocols and just the various and certainly looked at the Secure Data Life cycle as well moved into Chapter three, where we talked about the cloud platform itself and infrastructure. You know, just in talking about the elements
within the cloud and our physical architecture are logical architecture
and how those elements work towards giving us a secure space
cloud application security. It's all about the apse, right? The Web applications that we're using. How can we provide secure interfaces with those Web APS? How do we deal with identity and access management? That was a big part of Chapter four.
We talked about a P eyes, and then we moved into Chapter five, which was operations again. Top a little bit about the physical security
off the data center. We talked about logical security elements like segmentation through the use of the lands. We talked about virtual machines again, just a little bit. That's been a building idea. Throughout. We talk about clustering and some bigger ideas in relation to storage.
All the wrap things up with the main six, which was legal
and compliance. Let's make sure that our elements of third party governance no, we have to evaluate. Let's make sure that we understand some of the laws and regulations that air particular tow us particular to cloud computing.
And then also in the main six. We looked at forensic investigations and a little bit on third party audit.
So that should wrap up the C. C. S P certification course and all the material that I have to give you. So just a couple of passing thoughts before we end. Right? Because now we've had this course. We've worked together throughout all these modules. Now what?
go Run! Don't walk and schedule the exam. Okay, put the exam on the schedule. This is a certification you want. You can't get it unless you schedule it. And if you schedule it, you will make yourself ready for the test. Okay, So if I just wait for someday, I want to take a
150 question test. That's not gonna come.
But if I put it on the schedule, I'll make myself ready for
okay. Work on review questions there. Lots of good sources of review questions out there. My material is located at tinyurl dot com slash kelly's C. C. S P.
I have some slides and some notes, some additional material. All of those additional documents I referenced like,
um, the cloud security road map and the cloud controls matrix. And those documents there in that drop box share that should help you. Also, many people use the all in one C. C s P book. There's a CD in the back of that book that will help you.
You can also reach me, Kelly Agent cyber train dot i t If you have additional questions
or I'd love to hear you passed the test. So drop me an email and let me know. All right, So I hope this class has been helpful for you. Get out there and study. Go take this test and add yourself to the ranks of
CCS peas that air out here and about helping to secure the greater cloud environment.
I wish you the best of law. Thanks for spending your time with me and hope to see you in another course down the line.
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