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all right, look at us. We are rock stars. We have finished the main six, which means we have finished ccs p. So just a quick review of the things that we've talked about. We started out by talking about legislative ideas, just some ideas that we might need to be concerned with when we're considering moving
data to the cloud or really just around the you know, anything around the realm of I t security.
So we look at we looked at do care, due diligence, the prudent person room and the desire to avoid liability. We also talk about some ideas with various controls, various laws, requirements, privacy standards, frameworks
where we talked about
do we adhere to or what provides us guidance when we are configuring an information security management system? And a lot of those were not necessarily again particular to the cloud, but good documents to reference.
We also talked about the fact of, you know, European. We talked about Canadian requirements. We talked about how the U. S. Was really,
um was really lacking in federal privacy guidelines. So we let our business requirements drive the way, and we followed the industry standards talked a little bit about third party governance. We certainly talked aboutthe star Alliance and then wrapped up with just a very brief little addressing the fact that
supply chain management,
our hardware or software firm where we're responsible for So we're obliged to ensure that we have a clean and secure supply chain. So that wraps up Chapter six.
The only thing that's left is to wrap up the chapters on the C. C S P course, which will have a conclusion just a moment.
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