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all right, U S laws or lack there off. So again, we don't really have a lot of laws in relation to privacy in general, but specific industries do so if we look at G l B A. And that stands for the Grand Leach Bliley act, that's all about protecting privacy in banking,
restricting how your banking agency can distribute your personal information in making sure.
You know, I recently just refinanced our house. And, um, I've noticed throughout the years a lot more stringency in protecting the discussions with us and our lender, making sure that exchange documents that talk about finances, air strongly protected and encryption.
And that's because of G L B a
hip we should be familiar with and dealing with health care and basically two pieces of that that the patient owns their health care information,
and they control the distribution of that information. So that's the privacy element. The privacy element of HIPPA says the patient owns their information, and they determine how it's distributed
the security, peace of privacy and security. The security peace says the health care provider has to protect
that information based on the privacy the patient has specified. Hey, so they usually go hand in hand, right? Security and privacy. So the privacy says Isa patient. Determine who gets my health care information. The security peace of Pippa says you as a medical provider better protect my information
so that it supports my privacy requirements.
All right, copper, this one they tend to ask about. And this is about protecting the privacy of Children. We know most websites capture cookies,
so ultimately, we're forbidding the collection off personal information about Children under 13 years of age. So some websites or some forms you fill out, you'll have to the very first signify you're over 18 or over certain age.
That's because come and then Sarbanes Oxley, um, socks was came about as a result of the financial shenanigans of the 19 nineties. If you remember Enron and WorldCom and,
uh, many of these senior executives cooking the books, so to speak, and running off with a lot of their employees for one K money or,
um you know, sticking it to their shareholders and stakeholders, so to speak. So Sarbanes Oxley's all about corporate accountability
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