6.1 WAN and Enterprise Edge Overview and WAN Transport Technologies

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Hello. Welcome back. Cisco's Terrified Design Associate Module six Lesson 6.1
I'm your Instructor away. In a previous video, we talked about the different landed line. From this video, we will begin to introduce a one on and rice at your overview on one Transport Technologies
Pre assessment question, which Adam is not a part of. The process recommended by Cisco for Wendell Ice A. Characterized the existing network be analyzed. The customer requirements see configured employee service. Is the design a new one? Apology.
The answer to the sea. There's no configuration related to the
one they lie.
Here's the topical will discuss what area of the networks want our communications networks used to connected geographically. Disperse never locations. Generally, one of surfaces are offered by service providers or telecommunication carriers
once can transport data voice in a video. Traffic
service providers charge fees called tariffs for providing one service's or communications to their customers. Sometimes the term sort of is
as referred to as the one communications provided about a carrier. When designing a one, you should have become a familiar with the designs. Requirements, which, technically derived from these two important ghosts,
serves a level agreement cost in the usage right as L. A defines the availability of the network. Network applications rely on the underlying network between a collier and a server to provide it functions. There are multiple levels of application availability
that can be a part of a negotiated as how A With a service provider,
organizations have to work with the carrier to define what level of service, such as being with a loud related in sea at loss is acceptable to the organization costs on the usage. To select the correct a reliable one service, you must consider the budget on the use of your requirements over the one service.
There are freaky object gives of a Factiva One is our
the one needs to support the goes and the policies of the organization. One Technologies has selected a need to meet a current application requirements provided for growth of the organization in the future
that proposed the desire should incorporate security throughout on ensure high availability. We're applicable well staying within budget.
This table examines the sum of one technologies on highlights some of common factors used to make a one technology selections. This information also reflects the different characteristics of each of one technology.
However, keep in mind that you, your service provider offering limited one technology choices available to you during your selection.
Let's start with ice. T M That's integrated destroyed his digital network. Our ESPN is in the old digital phone line connection that it was the energized in the early 19 eighties digital subscriber line. The SL is a technology that provides a high speed Internet data service over ordinary corporate tough on lies
it achieves. It is by issuing frequencies that are now to use the normal voice telephone calls. Table broadband cable is a technology used to transfer data using a cox your cable medium over cable distribution systems.
Worse, where is as a technology uses electromagnetic waves to carry the signal between endpoints every day. His ampoules of awareness technology include a cell phones, farms, lands coroner's computer agreement on a global positioning system, a GPS
here, somebody example Bridge Wireless Familia Mobile Wireless GS M G R s umts ot from really from lays a Pakis way to the connection or intimately or 21 Prada go
from Early is an industry standard and networking particle of that uses a virtual Sir Cade's
between connected and devices
Time division multiplexing
TDM as a tab of the digital. Amounting practicing, in which multiple channels such as dead of ways and a video are combined over one communication medium by intervening policies were present in bids from different channels. Naturally thrown it matter either, and I use is a well known any threat to the never low cost
on a high speed man. Want collectivity
for organizations? We'll dig into this later.
Let's move on to son and asked The age.
The architectural Rossana sth is extricated based, and the numbers high speed of service is over in the optical network
and then interesting and tries to the technology for the delivery of I. P Service is using LeBeau's numbers to forward package in normal rotted A Merman's package are forwarded a hot by harp from the sources to the destination. We'll discuss this later.
Doc Fiber Doc Fiber is a fiber optic cable that has been installed in the ground or aware right all the way. Issues are evident. Dan's Wave Lands Division multiplexing.
Neither were the air increases a fiber optic Benway of capabilities by using different wavelengths of light called channels over the same fiber strand
matter you three
uses. Whoa, no Internet to deliver a low cost and the high speed of man one can activity for organizations Manny Service providers now for Metro Ethernet solutions to deliver a wider range of a converted in their service is too, such as data voice in the video. On the same, where Metro Ethernet provides the enterprise Land Captain function out of the
out in the man and the when
increasing the throughput of interval. For applications matter. Ethan had ban away this again that range from 100 MBPs to 10 g and B. P s
on even higher, in some cases allowing for support for a higher performance and increase the QS requirements being contrast to the DJ The nature of the traditional TDM provisioning metro ether, nicer embassies are much easier to deploy and a scale due to the flexible being wedding from cream. It's
matter if related technology is appealing to many customers because they are already comfortable using Ethan eight throughout their laying environments.
I'm sure s on. Perez is a technology for the delivery of service is using labels numbers to forward packets in normal Roddy moments. Peck aides are forwarded the hop hop from the sources to the destination. Each Roger in the Path perform in their free destination address. Look up
rereads clear to address wonderful words of the package to the destination.
However, entrance functions by marking package headers that include a label information as well as package. Our market, with the label specifically passes through the network can be designed to crisp out to that, distinct. Their label,
I'm Trying to Les Bos can be set on parameters such as a source addresses later to Circuit I D. Or a curious about it package that are destined to the same end point where the same requirements can be forward. The based on the labels without a rotting decision at every harp
category, the labels Christ founded the Layer Free Destination address, which makes emperors of the same as that's the nation based the routing. I'm sure LeBeau's can also be used to implement traffic engineering by overriding the routing cables. I'm pure as the package can run over, and most layer two technologies,
such as A T m from Lady Pos and, uh, you, today the go over the impure as is the maximizes. Switching using labels and minimize layer three rotting,
entranced implementations. There aren't customer adieu rodders See provider idea Rodders pee on the provider. Key rodders. Right? P.
The CEO Roger recites off the customer promises. That is a temporary where internal and external rotting information execs changed the C e rotter then connected to the P router, which is the ingress to the interests of service provider network.
After that, the P rotter is the connected P. Rogers in the core of the service provider network
to exist, the Amateurs network. The process is reversed, with the last the router being the CEO Roger out of the other customer. Privacy's
learning check. Question. What a company requires. A magic of one solution that supports layer to adjacency across remote offices for implications. And the service is what solution should be selected. A. D. M v p et bien tres See the PRs de far from early.
I wish you'd go innovation or I suffer later to connective ity. Right
Question number. Do what branch connection types support. As always, Full mash connectivity on us a point point B from early See Internet v p M. D m for us as you go with the I'm sure s right. Point point does not a support for MASH
Um firmly. Also your partial mash. Right. So we go in the interests,
the basket toys here
in today's briefing lecture we discussed that one. An enterprise Add overview and a one Transport technologies. Any questions? Few. Free to contact me. Otherwise I'll see you in the next video. Bye for now.
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