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Video Transcription
Hello, everybody. And welcome back in this lecture, we're just gonna cover how to schedule your exam. This is gonna be a quick one. At this point, you would have taken both courses on the 2 21,000 and one and 2 21,000 and two.
You may or may not have taken the first exam
if you did great. Hopefully you passed. And that's why you're here. If nuts and you are still preparing for that exam. No worries. I'm sure you will do just fine.
I hope you had read your books and you've gone through the courses that are offered here on cyber. But anyways, in this lecture, I want to take a moment to kind of guide you through the setup process on how you would go ahead and purchase your exam.
So as he could see, I am on Conte's website that is at County a dot or GE. I encourage you to go ahead and go there whenever you're ready to schedule this exam. And here's the site. It's really nice. I want here. When I was registering for my certifications, you can go to the certification
tab and now it's taken a certification not come to you dot or GE.
We're gonna go ahead and close that
and right under here on their certifications, you're gonna look for the core a plus certification exam. In this, the com ta Plus 2019 version. They do still offer the 2 29 +01 and 2 29 +02 But for this course we're taking the course. Siri's, which is tthe e
1000 and two
exam. Here's the page kind of gives you the layout of the land. You get to learn a little bit more about the exams, talks about the nine skills that you'll have to master in order to get the certification talks about the salary. Expect he or the salaries that you could potentially get, um, with the A plus certification
and the exam details, which we recovered in the beginning of this course.
But you can learn a little bit more about the exam and how they compare on the left hand side to talk about the 900 Siri's and the right hand side to talk about the 1000 Siri's the course. Siris on. They talk about, you know, the launch states and
I think somewhere down here, yes, you could see when they're retiring the old one.
Um so the English actually already retired or Yes, it already retired because we're past July. This is Ah, September 2019 at the moment of this recording. So well, you can no longer take the 900 Siri's,
Um, but you can take the 1000 Siri's, and that's what we're preparing for. So
in order to purchase your exam, the cause it's gonna be $219. All you're gonna do is go ahead and select that. Do you want to select the region in which you are located? I'm in the United States,
and you can go ahead and process your transaction through here. They do offer a couple bundles so you can get you know, the e book. You can get the exam voucher and a practice exam type set up if you want to. They do charge a little bit more for that. Um, but if you're just interested in getting the exam about, sure, that should be all you need.
Yeah, to go ahead and proceed. So then you need to make an account or lock in
and proceed from there. I'm not gonna go ahead and walk you through that, because
not necessary. I think you guys all know how to set up your own accounts. But this is where you're gonna go in order to purchase your voucher. You guys have done great. I know that you have studied hard and you're ready for this. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me on lengthen. I'm on Twitter. You can go to my website. It Nicholas more dot com and check out what I have there.
Um, but I know you guys will do just fine. Make sure that you review your textbooks, review these courses
and make sure that you get a good night's sleep the night before before you take your exam. All right, that about wraps up this lecture. If you guys have any questions like once again, please feel free to reach out to me. All right. Good luck.