5.6 Virtual Switches

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okay, Another element that we have to consider or is theological configuration of our network. Now we're using virtual ization, obviously in the cloud. But with infrastructure is a service were configuring the network. Right? Justus, if we have our hands on the devices
configuring connective ity, segmentation and so on, so really virtual switches could go in the logical
ah section as well. But the bottom line is, when we're using these components, we want to make sure that we're using or that we're configuring for the type of isolation we would want with physical switches. We wanna isolate zones were creating our separate networks were creating our separate villains
isolation of trusted versus untrusted,
making sure that management commands are separate from the data plane. If you remember, with software to find network and we talk about, get those management, uh, get that management access off of same plane on which Gavin is traversing the network.
We need to configure for redundancy off, you know, links for traffic
and ultimately, just the isolation off. The different interface is making sure that we don't have a bridge from the virtual machine to the actual physical network again, considerations that we're always gonna make when we're working with virtualized environment
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