5.4 WLAN Design

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Video Transcription
Hello. Welcome back, Siskel Certified Design Associate Margin five. License 5.4 em. Your instructor Wayne
In the previous video we talked about at Neverland Container confident and armed groups. Probably his video. We will begin to introduce Devil and his art
Prius has been question. What is the primary advantage of implementing a wireless link to order in a wireless land? Is Ari a roaming between a peace? Be a reader user authentication. See radio resource management The accelerated data transfer it's can be see it's ah, radial resource management.
Here's the top of the world Discuss
controller Redundancy design deterministic of IA dynamic controller The policies can be configured for dynamic or deterministic, a redundancy for a deterministic every tendency. The AP is configured with a primary secondary and tertiary controller.
This requires more up from the planning but a lot better predictability and a faster feel over times
deterministic ary dynasties. The recommended the best practice impossible on and plus end and then plus and plus
one are examples of a determinist. The redundancy advantages of a deterministic of redundancy include the predictable network instability, flexible on a powerful redundancy of desire options faster Philibert times our fallback option in case of a fit over
this sort of image of a determinist, that controller redundancies that requires more up from planning on a configuration that I mean the controller Redundancy uses a capital apt to load about us. A piece across W our seas capital populate a piece with a backup, but they were all see
thes solution works better with the policies are in the centralized the coster that disadvantages are no longer Phil overtimes on unpredictable operation
on example it is adjacent. AP is registering with different that Deborah sees advantages of a dynamic control re tendency include Ah, easy good poi and computer access points dynamically low bottoms.
These advantages include the longer fit over times, unpredictable operation
more inter controller running at a no fallback option in the event of a controller theater right
plus one W. C. Redundancy with implausible one. Redundancy A single DeBrosse acts as the backup of multiple Deborah Out sees the back about the royal See is configured as the secondary that we always see young h. Ap one design constrain Is that
the backup of them? Who I was he might become oversubscribed inner, but there are too many
features of the primary controllers, right? The second that I was seized the back of a controller for away piece, and it's normally a place in the data center.
Here's the UN Plus under Pelosi redundancy within plus and redundancy, the equal number of the controllers back up on each other. For example, a pair of double O. C. S on one floor service is a backup of the second pair on another floor, right. The top row C is primary for AP one on a P two on the secondary for for a P three and 84.
the provision of controllers issue to be sized with enough capacity to manage a turnover situation.
Unpleasant and possible. One double redundancy with plus and plus one identity. I equal number of controllers back up each other as well done plus one plus. And as we then person closet backup, Pelosi is configured as the tertiary that we see for the eighties. Unprocessed, impossible. I read agency functions that are the same
as UNCLOS under redundancy clause of the arms up tertiary controller that backs up that secondary controllers the tertiary that Rosie is placed in the data center on that road operations. The center,
our group's on Arthur groups, is a costume with W C devices that, according to their are Emma calculations When the double o Cesaire placing in our group
the R R M a calculation can stand scale from a single W. I will see to multiple floors, buildings or even a camp hostess, as doing in this diagram if he's sent the neighbor messages, the other a piece of the neighbor messages above managed. 80 dbm. The controllers from our group out there that will see. Like the narrow group leader
toe allies, the R F data, right? The Our group leader exchanges messages with the eyes of a group of members using muted report 12114480 dy 11 b g m. On duty Report. 12115 for a zero level eight
are Other groups are reforming with the following process, while a piece has sent out a neighbor messages over the air. The Mass Aegean cruise unencrypted the share to see create that is configured in a double O. C and a push into the E. J. P
to a peace sharing the same secret are able to validate messages from each other. Neighbor messages need to be over. Minus 80 d be Emma to form and the R F group right?
Three. The members in our group of electing a Raffa group leader to maintain a master power and a channel scheme for the group.
The are of a group leader. Analyze Israel Time redo that collected about a system and that calculates the master power and the channel plan.
Well, largest mass for outdoor a wireless traditionally our door of artistic solutions have been limited. A point. A point a point, my point of breaking between buildings. With these resolutions, each AP is wired into the network. This is the wires smash, Never solution is showing in a
diagram here, right eliminated to the needed the worry J p. And allow users to roam from one area to another. Right,
Here's our Cisco recommend aided and recommended and considerations for mashes I. There is less than 10 minutes seconds laden, See, perhaps typically two minutes. Thio
Thio I'm asked to three m s for outdoor deployment and four are fewer hops are recommended for a *** performance at maximum about eight. Hobbs is supported
for indoor deployment and, well, hop is a support it for best performance. 20 Maybe knows per rap, you know, is recommended. There's a learning checked question number while Which three series of a Cisco Where's controller? Support Wallace by direction or really meaning?
A system of 7500 bees is 2500
seizes go 5500 these gold 5700
e Cisco 8500 f Cisco 7200 Series. Wireless Lan Controllers. What is a beady? Are all bidirectional rate limiting? B B R. L was introducing in a 7.3 release for Wave, wind or a piece
where reading limits can be defying on both of the upstream and downstream in traffic as well as on a perfect differently and bases
B d r l add the ability to define through boot dementia for user's on their wireless networks with ah, hire granularity. These ability allows the setting of priorities surveys to a particular set about clients. A potential use case over this is the hospital situations. For example, coffee shops,
airports. It's actually right
where a company can offer a free low through poo disservice to everyone and the charges users for a high throughput of service. Sees hears that Ah, Cisco policies which supported his future. 70. 555 185 100
2500 doesn't also part right.
57. That's 72 of their run model. There's no such model. Question number two, which to Where's the attributes? That shouldn't be a consider during awareness Herb A procedure
a power bi channels He S s I d d authentication e encryption. There will be a power in the channel related it a site survey. The rest are not
in today's brief lecture we discussed the land is Larry any questions? Feel free to contact me. Otherwise I will see you next Video Bye for now.
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