5.3 WLAN Controller Component and RM Groups

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Video Transcription
Hello. Welcome back systems. Start about design Associate module five lights and five point free. I'm your instructor Wing.
In the previous video, we talked about a simple, unified a wireless network. Problem is video. We will begin to introduce with Blanca dinner competent and our I'm a group pre assessment question Which disco bars, like Returned Interferes is used for out of a band of management a service part.
Be a manager in port see Controller Part D Virtual Port. Its service for a We'll discuss this later.
Here is the topic of what this does
Double and controller competence. There are free major competence of devil and tortures.
General as interfaces of imports, right W lands are identified by unified isis I Dean American names. The land is a logical an itty each he doubled land has assigned it to interface in the temporal. See each different lands come figure with readable policies, quality with service
and other Dublin and parameters.
Ahh, double and interface is a logical connection that maps toe a villain on the wire. The network each interfaces configure with a unique ikey address, default getaways, physical ports of veal and tag in a D. S C P server that poor it is a physical connection to the neighboring switch or rotter
by default. Each part is that I tipo e geyser to double and cute trunk port.
There may be multiple ports on the W, L C and a single poor channel interface. These ports can be aggregated and using Link Congregation I way G s. Some of the proceeds have a service port that is used for out of a band of management.
Here there's a diagram which shows a double. I'll see you confidence. You can check all of the interfaces of Romney. Ryan is dry.
All right.
W L c Interviews. Ties Diplomacy has five interface types. Management interphase, the static configured at a set up. It's a manager re on has used the frame by a management connective ity to Triple eight on the layer to Discovery and Association
Service and poor inter vases, a static configured at a set up. It is optional and is a user for out of being a management. AP Manager interface
Static configure and a setup manager, except for a 55 08 policy, is used for Layer three Discovery and Association.
It has the source i p address of the AP. The ad is a statically configured down a media interviews That it was a dynamic, as Anna logs to Venus on is designed for Debra. Why was he crying? Data
virtue in her face is the static configured out of set up on it is, um, manage ary. It is used of earlier three security authentication. You to CP really support and the mobility management to scale be out of the default number of a piece on the Siskel W L C. Usually in Congregation L. A G.
This option is supported by 55 handers. Here is upon torturers. That is the default for 38 50
g integrated the Hacienda Karlis the 6500 years that we asem thes words the switch model. This diagram shows the use of our G with L. A G. This system that that everybody manages airports, redundancy and little buns is a piece or cross
on 1/3 Italian surveys transparently,
the default limit of a piece for part does not apply when l. A g is a neighborhood right. One limitation of our age is that the devil always see platforms on. Lee supports one our age group, her controller each controller Support on Lee won our age group.
What l. A G is enabled all the physical part of excluding the service support are included in the bono. Therefore,
the W I will see you using our A. D cannot be connected to more than one neighbor device. Only one device neighbor device
roaming on the mobility groups of the primary reason to have a wireless network is a Roman ran the ability, the accident. Every resource is from common areas and the areas where it is difficult to run cabling
in clients. Matt want to move from one location to another. Mobility allows users the access the network from several locations
roaming knockers when the world is calling in to change association from 1 80 to another. The Chinese to scale the wireless network to allow crying roaming that is seamless. A secure roaming can be in
injured controller Are inter controller right inter controller Roaming shows in this in this diagram alters when a client moves association from 1 82 another 80. But they joined to the same see the hollow see updates the client database with a new associate i p and
does not change the kind of Nike address
ever required. Clients are re authenticated on a new security association is re established on the client database. Remains on the same double. See ikey not change in the databases. Stay in the same double RC this intercom torturer Romy.
There's a layer to inter controller roaming right. Enter controller Roaming all occurs on the client moves association from 1 80 to another, they added, joined to a different W C that is on the same A 78 The layer to Rome walkers When the client traffic is a bridge into the same I p some net
this diagram it shows there to enter Controller Romy
Travel the remains of the same i p Someday I know I p address genius The Crying Auker The client databases, moving from a double C one to develop policy to the crying, has re authenticated transparently on the new six year recession is established. Re authenticated transparently right
Lear free inter controller roaming with earlier three inter controller roaming. Surely in this diagram, Akani moves association from the 1 82 another AP that is joining different wsoc there is on a different I p some night and the first of the policy right there in a different I p some night.
but then the traffic is a bridge it onto a different I p 78 when a kind associates 2 to 82 right? Don't. I will see to then exchanges mobility
messages with the W C one. The original client database is not a movie that the policy right stays instead of see marks the client with the anchor entry and it's dead. Abi's
the date of his entries A copy to doubt it. I'll see Tuesday Enemies on is a market as foreign as a foreign entity The world is calling it maintains his original I p address on is re authenticated a newly security ah session is then established.
This is an anchor. These is in Creon tree Over here This is for reentry over here, right cry in traffic and then rots in the same magical matter Traffic from Kalyan is forwarded by the foreign Devil Ala C by travel to the colony arrives of that I'm current That would always see right right this way
when the when one always this way, another way when the return tried to go through that anchor and four in back all the way to a C 82 back to the Korean right
Mobility groups. But one of the groups are controller the puree of each other to support relevant tries to control her boundaries.
These are also allows for AP load balancing and control redundancy where you are scientific. Marcie's the mobility groups that W. Elsie's dynamically extreme ability messages. And there is a tunnel, the via its right between a
anchor and for a P W policies. They should be placed the mobility groups when inter controlled and roaming is impossible and for control identity. But what of the group's air support? Up to 24 confers. They are primitive. A piece of support in the mobility group is determined about a number of a piece.
The out of the controllers air support, which varies by consumer type
mobility, lives. There's a group of controllers configured on a single controller that spicy Faison members in different mobility groups. Controllers can communicate across more mobility groups. Clients can roam between a piece and different mobility groups. Avery controllers are included in each other's over the list.
Egypt W. C. Is configured with a list of members
in the mobility group over the list. They can support up to 72 controllers were the release 5.1 or later or up to for a two controllers with release 5.0 right. The IOC's
exchange messages using UDP part of 16666 or unencrypted. The messages or UT people were what? 66674 encrypted messages.
AP Is the war in the A i. P. Address off Other members off the mobility group after the capital have joined process as an example for the scalability of 24 Cisco 25 04 Policies
give me 75 80 support for 25 04 w l c. All right are used, then 1800 a piece is a 24 hour amount price 75 equal 1800 Our support as the best practices
right since the *** and minimizing injury controller roaming in the network.
And it also recommended out of there be less than 10 minutes seconds of a round trip time laden see because converters.
So you also states that layer to roaming is more efficient, that layer free roaming because of the symmetrical communication over there. Free Rome. Proactive. A key change. Key. Casey or Cisco Compatible extension. CCK AM version for
it is right, a manager at this speed up, and that's a caroni
burning check Question number. What? Which of three statements? Heir to regarding the virtual interface on the Cisco Farmers Language or 23 A. Supports a mobility management he serves as, ah, Ditch to be replaced. He used for all contribute to a key communication. Thes supports em. Batted. Layer three. Security
E default for out of a band of management
After four foreign body management, G provides a connective ity to two boys servers. It's a B and A D supports mobility Management serves as a D. H D. P really supports and batted a layer free security.
It isn't how to use for all control order to 80 Communications and is not default for Out Band. A band of management
it does not provide connectivity to a two boys are all right. These virtual interface
Question number two, which over the following best describes the term ability and the wireless networks aim abilities. The ability over the wires controller that provide wireless connectivity to artist trying to be
Wilbur. These the ability of the A piece that identify the R F channel used by neighbor A keys on adjusted the channel selection All American people for past reception
seem Ability of the world's Colleen is defined as the ability to all medically connect a wire. The network theme ability are roaming. There's awareness Land Call Ian's ability to maintain its association seamlessly from one access point to another securely right. It's the
mobility or roaming is the world's land. Call Ian's ability to maintain association seamlessly from one access point, another secure crime.
In today's brief lecture, we discussed The Devil and Turn a competent and R R M group are roaming and immobility groups.
Any questions? Please contact me. Otherwise I was seeing in the next video bye for now.
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