5.3 Secure Server Configuration Part 1

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All right. So let's look at Secure Server. Consider figuration because we already looked at the physical infrastructure. Of course, that has to be secured. Now we're looking at the physical machines themselves and again. Honestly, there is nothing
earth shattering here about how to secure a server. You secure server the same way it cloud service provider that you do on Prem. You know, you have a secure image for that server. A baseline image.
You ensure that secure build. You have changed control to prevent modification from the baseline image. We keep the system patch, we keep it locked down, make sure that we don't allow anybody that isn't trusted to access. You know you don't want general users accessing their service is
or the server privileged use on Lee.
We prefer not to allow remote access if that's possible. Many times business deep needs will allow that to happen. But you know, when I hear remote access, what I think of is, hey, let's open up our stuff to invisible sources. Right, because
they don't have to go through that line of physical security.
They're not is easily observable is if you force someone to be on Prem. So you know, just securing access to the screen terminal as opposed to allowing remote access would be more secure. Like I said, I understand business needs drivers to do other things, but when possible,
get rid of remote access.
Um oh. Space firewalls and store installed the appropriate software to monitor the server, making sure that we've got up to date malware protection. All of those elements patch the system. Have good change control in the system to make sure modifications don't happen.
We test the system, we continue to monitor the system.
All those things still apply to server configuration and service store.
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