5.3 Overview of Azure Management Portal

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Let's take a look at the azure Porto toe duties. I will switch to my browser and walk it through the U. Y and the navigation options.
You access actual porter by typing Porto the Asher dot com. In that dress par of your browser,
you're asked to sign in. This is the azure account that you're used to sign up for. Usher. You need to sign in
with it,
so I will talk to my
and it will ask you also for the password.
Once you're in,
you will be positioned in the home page of the azure portal
Asher Porto has through three areas. One is the less site, which is called resource Pain.
There is the main area that, in this particular case, is the home page, and there is also a top level navigation where, if you have different choices,
there is also a global search bar that you can use to Sirte. Anything from your resource is toe. Also help and documentation
on the left side, which is the resource bar, you can see a sections two sections. One is the favorite sections where you can place favorite three sources as well. What's the common section that allows you to create a resource. Goto the home page.
See the dashboards or C all service is
you can add or remove. Service is from the favorites by actually clicking on all service's and removing the Yellow Star. From there, let's say I don't wanna have the virtual machines any more of my favorites. I can click the star and remove it from there.
I would liketo at the marketplace. I can click the star
and it will show up here
now. If you go and naturally click on create a new resource,
you will see Asher the so called my Azure marketplace. Actual marketplace is the place where you can find not only the standard azure resource is but also different solutions. Published by Azure Partners or independent software. Bantams.
You can do a search here. Let's say I would like to look for a coupon to server,
so when I do a search, I will find all born to serve our options that are available in azure marketplace.
The marketplace is also categorized by categories so you can search for things like a I and machine learning develops developer tools and song
in the search you can see that they are quite a few bone toe options, either offer by the
maker of food wantto economical or some other third parties
wanting to know this is when you go and actually start from home and do something, let's say create a resource.
There is this white part off the working area of National Porto is changing.
In actual terminology. This is called a blade so the plates can actually stuck to the right on your screen and give you additional information toe. Ah, feeling depending on the work four that you choose or the resources that you choose,
you can close the blades by clicking the X button in the right corner.
Here is how the blades work. Let's say I want to create a bone to server virtual machine. I select a their true machine option from the azure marketplace, and the new plate is showing up. As you can see, there is a scroll bar at the bottom that you can use to actually move between the blades.
When I close this plate, it goes back to the original one.
Now what options? There's the horizontal navigation gives you. We'll start from left to right. The first thing you'd see here that is the cloud shell. If you click it, you can start the cloud shell session and you can choose whether you wanna bash or power shell option.
The next thing is switching between their directories. As you remember, we had the discussion about actual active directory in the different tenants. I can switch between tenants when I just the book with the filter, and I can go to choose a different tenant that I wanna work in.
You can also feel the subscriptions here. If you have more Tipo subscription, you can say I want to see only a specific subscription.
The next option is notifications so you can receive notifications from Marshall like, for example, new features or updates as well as when you start work on any resource is in National Porter. You will see the notifications here that certain task is completed.
The next option is customizing the porta.
You can choose a team whether it's ah normal team light one or you can choose a dark team. You can also say I wanna be loved out from the Porto after certain time, out of thin activity
and other different custom is ations here.
The question mark is helped. As we mentioned in one of our previous videos. You can go and create a supportive kit from here, or you can also look through the different three support options like check the road map, see what's new. You can launch guided tour
and so on.
The smiley face is a feedback. Tow the as routine. You can submit feedback at any time from the porter,
and the last one is your account information. From here, you can directly go to your Microsoft account, or you can also sign win with a different users.
So I'll switch back to my lighting team
and now show you two more things we discuss previously the cost management and billing.
Normally, you can access this from the resource pain. If it is not available, you can go toe all service's and such for cost management.
When you go there, you can explore your accounts and you can see everything about any subscription that you have,
like, for example, costs and you can go analyze that cost. You need to select a subscription first,
and it will give you much more options again in the plane for month. Another to that you should be aware of is the Azure Advisor.
Actual advisories A free service that provides recommendations for all the resources that you have deport. Those recommendations came vary from highway of ability recommendations, performance cost in security. Here, you can find very useful information that can help you
improve. Your resource is on Asher from different points of view, whether it's from security hyo of ability and some
now you know how you can sign into azure Porto,
customize it and find your way around. Next will look a TTE as your dashboards.
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