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All right. Look at us. We wrapped up domain five, which was the operations chapter. So the quick review here we talked about the physical infrastructure
of the Cloud Service Providers facility there Gattis center on. We looked at that as you know, their concerns. Not being all that different from our concerns. If we're hosting on Prem right,
physical security, uh, environmental controls, heat, humidity, monitored in those ideas, we also look a logical security. We said logical security really is more about the configuration for the purpose, primarily of securing the network,
isolating into protected zones or sub domains. Isolation of trust from untrusted entities.
We talked about implications of maintenance on up time for our cloud service provider, the customers, whether that's us or where the cloud service provider. But ultimately, maintenance has to happen. So planning its scheduling, having accommodations to handle maintenance is important.
We then looked at day to day operations, right? We looked at those things that we just have to do day in and day out. Patch management, configuration management, business continuity. All those things that are concerns for us day today were always thinking in terms off.
What's the health of the organization. And how do we continue that?
All right and then last, but certainly not least, one of the most important things that I teach is risk management. I stress again, this was a very short overview of risk management, and we've got some terrific courses. Specifically, the sea risk course,
which is certified in risk in information systems, controls
really good class that looks at I t. Risks risks from a 19 perspective in information security perspective as well. So we just did kind of a quick overview of risk management. But it's important. That's where our security decisions again. All right, that leaves us
for just one domain left.
I just wanted Paul's for a collective sigh of relief,
and we come up
domain sixes. Next, where we discuss legal, we discuss legal considerations
related to the cloud. Essentially, All right, hope you join us for domain sinks
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