5.2 Cisco Unified Wireless Network

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Video Transcription
Hello. Welcome back. Cisco Certified Design Associate Module five License 5.2 I'm your instructor, Wayne.
In the previous video we talked about a definitely and standards. From this video, it will begin to introduce a sisterly unify wireless network.
Here's the pre assessment question. Which three are features of Ah, L W a pee pee
Choose three. Let week. The access point protocol is a Cisco Standard of Control messaging for set up authentication on operations between a Keys and the Devil Lang Tours. Right? Iow BP has Bean depreciated about
in favor of the capital half. So let's go over the options they gave it. Does a firm where synchronization
be local management of a piece C configuration changes manually. Thinks the encryption Off control channel E configuration data only on the O. C. Wires Control Free Operation
G Replaces agent of the 11 1 acts for authentication wireless connections. But as we're gonna be a d and E right, it is a firmware synchronization
being friction of the channel control channel configuration data only on the devices the sea centralized the configuration.
So be local management of a P. It's not a purpose of eligible a GP configuration changes manually. Think this, you know need to be automatically sink. Where does control free operation control? Free operation is in the impossible.
Do you replace the easier that one? Actually, no, it's not intentionally replace this one. We actually need the easier that one acts for authentication.
Here's the topic about this. Gus
Cisco. You double and architecture with the explosion of world solutions in and out of the enterprise, designers must have creative solutions. They provide mobility, and business of service is, well maintaining our security.
This is W W An architecture combines elements of a wireless and a wired networks
to deliver scalable, manageable and secure the lance. This is go you double and architecture is composed. The fiber elements Caryn devices This include laptops, Workstations are People's Pts and manufacturing devices. The axes of the land. Right
access points these devices to provide access to the wireless networks.
AP Zehr placed in strategic locations to minimise interference network, the unification the devil and systems you to be able to a support wireless applications by providing security policies, US intrusion prevention, radio frequency management,
Cisco Devil and contours provide this functionality and the integration
into all major switching and routing platforms.
Network management This is the wireless control system. W. W. C s provides a central management, a tour that lights you desire in control and the monitor. Where's networks Mobility service is this include a guest access the location service sees the voice of service is on a Friday detection and a medication.
Let's go
you Dublin provides the following benefits. Reduced the total cause of ownership TCO and the visibility out of control. And I make our f A management. Definitely. And Security unified a wired on a wireless network and apprise mobility. It has the productive D on a collaboration.
He's a centralized, the development of architecture in a centralized the devil and architecture Autonomous A peas are replaced by it. Let wait access point away piece. These alley peas are then configured and the manager, by the way, risk lank torturer. But really, I was C
for the more user. Traffic is a place in the wear. The network out of controller, not out of the L. A P wireless Age of 11. Traffic is placed in the cap Web tunnel
Kapetanos Through the over these, there's a three word of network traffic. It then goes from W L C to its destination back haul to the world of network.
All the control configuration Navigator will be done on the policy, although AP started Light Weighted
I. W P P. Lad WAY to Access Point Protocal out Double P p is a Cisco standard for a control messaging for set up, a multiplication and operations between a piece on the devil and controllers L W A B P has been the creek aided in favor of a cap lab
L A P P control message is gonna be transported at layer to Thanos or their three tunnels layer to l W A. PP tunnels were the first Mathur develop a 1,000,000,000 wagered a piece. They not requiring the ikey address that this advantage of a layer to our A p p was that
the double L C media to be on every seven at our way today p recites
they're two l A P p is a deep predicated. A solution for Cisco on Layer three out W P. P. Was the preferred solution before capital web in the configuration there to earlier three transparent moods can be selected,
was said to layer free the out double A p p uses i p addresses The communicated with the access points
he's i p addresses air collected from a mandatory the edges to be server. We decide to layer to the l double l. A p p uses a procreative recode it to communicate with the access points
layer three out w ap P Thanos are used to between a. L A P and that W L C messages from double I was he uses user that a port UDP port 1 to 2 to three for a control on the UDP port. 12222 for data message ings
In this solution, AP is required in the i p address, but the W L C does not need to recite all the same segment.
Captain Webb
control out of provisioning for wireless access. Point kept WEP is an i e. T f standard RFC 5415
for control. Massive demand for set up authentication on the operations between the peas and a double sees in controllers Software. 5.2 Siskel. LAPD's Use a capital communication between the double O. C and L. A piece
cap Web is dinner two out Double A GP, except for the following differences. Cap Lab uses data Graham Chest for layer Security de TRS for authentication and the encryption to protect the traffic between a piece on a controller's l. A P P. Uses a yes
cap. Webb has a dynamic and maximum and transmission unit. I'm too you Discovery. Magnetism kept Web control messages run over you. D. P 5246 Kept Web data messages using you to be
5 to 47 Cap Web uses a layer three tunnel between the L A. Key on the double l C. Right.
The AP is often anarchy. Had residue by idea. Chasity Onley AP site All the control and the data messages using up you to be poor that is derived from ah hash Each Napi Mac addresses
AP modes a piece operating in one of the six different modes of local mode. These is the default mode of operation in a smoker. Every 180 seconds of the AP matters in the ways of four and the interference and scans for ideas, events, this scanning activity Yonkers. I use the channels on the
lasted for 60 milli seconds.
Hybrid A remote edge. A p h r GHT mode This is mode Enables L. A P ri site across a one link and still be able to communicate with the policy provided the functionality off the regular Our 88. Also local Mac right monitor mode
monitor mode is a future designed to a law specific. Spicy fired, A capital. Abby nibbled a piece
excluded themselves, the drama handily and data traffic between clients and the infrastructure.
The instead of act as dedicated sensors for location based. The service's LBS rogue AP detection and the intrusion detection i. D. S. When they pee. Sorry. In monitor mode, they cannot serve clients and continuously ah, cycle through all configured channels listening in to each channel for all proximately 60 minutes seconds. Rocca detector mode.
LAPD's that operated a rogue Attacked a remote monitor for okay, Peace. They do not a chance. Leonora content rogue a piece. The idea is that the Rocca Detector RD should be able to see all of the lands in the network because
Rowe gave he's gonna be connected to do any over the billions in the network. The Year four We can't do a 20 Port
The last, which sends all a rogue A P client Mac address listed the rt There are indeed then forwards those to the TOC to compare with the Mac address off clients that Theeighties has heard over the air.
Even America Dress match the double r. O. C. Knows that the rogue AP the wage of those clients aren't connected is on that wire. The network
sniffer mode Ah, cap WAP that operating and stay for mode functions as a sniffer and it captures in the forward all the packets on the particular channel toe remote machine that arrest arrow peek breakin mode
application supported our point a point bridging point to multiple in breaking point of point of wireless access. Way of the integrated, the wires back all
on a point of moral point of where this accident with integrated Where is back or
learning? Jack Question What a Where is lying? Client is ascending Trafficking to the wire The land client What path wheel? The packet had taken the reach of the destination and pointed a latte. Wait. A wireless deployment Ace Wedge control Order a P client be controller AP switch and a client
see AP Controller Sweet and a client
thesis which ap controller and kinda travel through the 81st and then controller and to switch and the switch to the client s seek
question number two What denies entry to use for WSOC with firmer version six or later. So on a P
can determine the controllers. Ikey, address a Siskel L Webb Controller P d and s a record with the controllers of those name C D H cp Option for the free thes is go cap Web controller it The answer is this Siskel cap WAP contender is the
in today's for reflection. We discussed the Cisco Unified Worse Network. Any questions? Feel free to contact me. Otherwise they're gonna see you in the next video Bye for now.
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