5.2 Android Case Study

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3 hours 58 minutes
Video Transcription
Okay, So here is our android scenario. Your friend loves Pokemon. He loves it so much that he shows you the hottest Pokemon go application.
Although the APP is listed in the Google play store for $29 your friends as he got it for free
a few days later, he tells you that is a lot of data for his phone is used up in about a day. He isn't sure why. He says he'll pay you to investigate, but requires a written report for his records. You need the money. So you agree.
All right. So here are case study involves an android application. And your goal is to uncover the functionality of the program for your friend similar to IOS. Try to stay away from any online analysis and use any analysis techniques that you like while ensuring you add a static, dynamic and network section to your report.
When you're finished, compare your results to ours and see how you did
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