5.17 IT Service Management (ITSM)

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all right. Final element here is I t service management. And if you're a knight ill person, you understand that term I t service management We have so many providers that we work with today that provides service is for us. How do we manage those servers
those service is and those providers and make sure that we're getting the value that we deserve.
So we've got five big elements that we're looking for First of all, portfolio management and our portfolio is going to consist of all of these endeavors that we've undertaken and what we're looking for us to show value for each individual I t endeavor,
but also
as a whole, the IittIe program. So if we're looking at assessing cloud service is are we getting the value that we're looking for
demand? Can we handle the demand that we have? Are we able to scale up and scale down? Well, we know he elasticity is a big benefit of the cloud. Right being ableto handle that to me, that demand that we don't come up short that we don't have customers saying the website will load
or it takes a lengthy amount of time. Do we have the resource is that we need
when we needed
financial management. Do we have the funds? Are we able to allocate the funds appropriately again? Are we seeing the return on investment or we good stewards of the money that is entrusted with us? Are we seeing a profit, or how else are we delivering value
Service management? Are we not just doing the right things? Are we doing? I'm right. And are we getting the benefits Many ways to approach, you know, getting from A to Z Are we going about it in the most efficient path so that we can gain the most benefits
and then involvement and alignment for me? I would have put that at the top.
Involvement from the business units and alignment of I t processes in I t service is with those business units. Always, always, always we come back to frame. The success of our service is based on the success of the business. Are we delivering the value
to the business
that were expected to do all right? So that's I T service management
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