5.16 Network Security Controls

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already. Let's pick up with kind of summon network security ideas. Honestly Ah, lot of these elements we've talked about, right? We've talked about
defense and depth. We've talked about the idea of zone isolation through Phelan's. So, you know, really, this is more just a little element of review as much as it is really teaching.
So again, not gonna read all these to you. But what? You'll see the same principles defense and death. Physical secure technical administrative controls. Layering a series of security controls before access to an object
making sure we're using secure protocols. Having our honey pots is distracters.
Yes, I ps is detective devices separate, separate, separate. Make sure that we review our logs once again the separation of management plane from the data plane,
always looking to maintain legal and regulatory compliance. So really, that's what this whole course has been about. So I'm not just trying to just skim over to slides there, but that's what we talked about this entire time, and we've gone into much more detail for each of those. So if you just pulled this slide out of the hat,
I can tell you we spent plenty of time discussing these topics
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