5.15 Maintenance Part 2: Performance Monitoring Management Planning

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performance monitoring is important as well, because we're guaranteed a certain degree of service. So if we're talking about specific systems, because many times, you know, we're looking for re sources of compute of process, we're looking for the network Resource is so
I want to be able to monitor now. I'm not gonna walk into Amazon and say, you know, let me hook up a protocol analyzer and see what traffics on the network. Now let me use my monitoring tools to assess performance
Doesn't happen. So what are the expectations for performance? And I look to my service level agreement. Are we meeting those at the cloud service provider? The administrators there are responsible for ensuring that performance is meeting. The standards
come together from hardware, making sure redundancies in place because devices fail right and then ensuring that there's a proactive approach to monitoring performance is important. I guarantee my customers up time. My cloud service provider needs to be able
to provide this.
All right, so once again, there has to be a management plan for maintenance. Just the highlights. Maintenance should always be scheduled, right? This is different than incident management. Maintenance we know is coming. We notify our customers and we make sure that we have adequate resource is particularly if
we need to transition. Resource is from
this set to another. While we're performing the upgrades in the maintenance techniques, we need to send this to another server. Another cluster, ideally with maintenance. We have automation, also known as orchestration, and that, um,
we follow the service level agreement that we've provided to our customer. Okay, so I'm kind of doing that from a cloud service providers
perspective. But as a customer, that's of course, what I'm looking for.
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