5.1 WLAN Standards

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Video Transcription
Hello. Welcome back, Cisco Certified Design Associate. You five License 5.1. I'm your instructor. Way.
In the previous video, we talked about a D C I and a little bouncing in D. C. From this video, we will begin to introduce the lowland standard
pre assessment question What few frequency alarm and provides 11 channels for unlicensed to use for devil airs in North America, eh? You won two B, I s M C, a Bluetooth, the F M O B I S M B
industrial Sinek and a medical
trees. The topic of we'll discuss
the role and standard
Daryl and applications include inside building Access Lane extension outside building to building communications, public access and a small office home office. So, Hope
Communications the first theater for a double, as was I Triple E Asia Die 11 approval about Triple E in 1997. The cornice pacification is I triple. Yea 0 11-1999
with many amendments. Thereafter
I triple liaise with 11 implemented a double and a speed of one Mac to Mac using director sequence, a spry spectrum, D S. S s and the frequency hopping spread spectrum F h s s
either the physical layer over the open system. Injury connection always. I am Otto. Right?
He s s eyes divides data into separate sections. Each is section and tribals over different frequencies at at the same time after H. S s uses a frequency hawking signatures to send the data in bursts
with F h S s. Some data transmits at a frequency one, Dan A system of hops, the frequency to to send more data on this all
returning to transmit mode ETA at that friction to one, right? Ah, the interoperability certification for I triple E. A jury of the 11 double lands is wireless fidelity. The WiFi right.
The wire is the eternal had a compatibility alliance that we see a governance the WiFi certification,
right? In 1999 that the easier did that 11 be amendment was introduced providing another 11 MBPs. They're rate. It provides the speeds of 11 5.52 and one back on that uses 11 channels off the industrial,
scientific and medical Ah, yes, I am a frequency right.
IEEE Asia with 11 b uses a d s s s on its backward compatible with the coded 11 systems. Use a D s s s
the Triple E approved a second a standard e 9 1999 I chip Oh, he is your duty 11 a provides a maximum of 54 MBPs that array, but it is incompatible with a zero to die 11 b
They provide the speeds of 54 48 36 24 18 12 90 a six. I am bps
Archibald liaise with 11 a uses 13 channels off the unlicensed, the national information infrastructure
You on II you can call a tow you into pregnancies and is incompatible with the job that I love in B and E's the redeye eleventy right I Triple Year Asia to die 11 A is also known as a WiFi five.
In a dumb free I triple E zero Dylan G standard was approved providing a 54 MBPs data rate using the I s. I am of frequencies. The bandage of the easier today livin G over a zero value in it is backwards compatible way These everybody 11 b right?
The trouble he Asia did I love it and Standard
was ratified in 2009. That's a motive multiple imported model ball output Memmel antennas and expected to maximum of data rates up to 600 MBPs using for special streams, each with 40. Emma Hurd's with right.
In addition to De Ice S s it uses are also going all frequency division mounted practicing Oh ftm as a digital carrier modulation method
IEEE, a deserted island and uses both of the 2.4 gigahertz and five fingers up bands at Tripoli, a deserted island in a sea wave one and a two Triple E A zero a C ratify into them 13
and comes in two waves of the first Asia at 11. A sea wave one provide the improvement over easy with a lemon and
with the greater channel bonding at up 80 m herds up to eight mammal single user special streams and a denser modulation using 256 out called Roger Amplitude Modulation que William right up for from a 64 Kwame
Puta y raid for Easier than dilemma, a seaway one is one point freaking bits per second.
The second, a waiver for Esera dialling a C included the following teachers supported for Madi user Ramadi import a multi output. Amu, a mammal support for speeds up to 2.34 T. V. P. S 160 m. Hers channel with
256 a Q am. A modulation for a special extremes. Ph Y raid the 2.3423 point 47 GPS
I s a M on the U. N II. Frequencies are yes, I am. A frequencies are set aside about CTU. Our radio regulations 5.1385 point 150 In the United States, the Federal Communications Commission
15.247 specifies the Iess AMA brands. I asked Emma Bands for a license to use
I S M A. Bands are specified in the falling rain use now 100 I'm herds into 928. Emma Hurd's to plan for a Gator's into 2.5 feet. Kurds 575 give herds to five points a 75 hertz.
Of course, channels located in a 2.4 gigahertz range are used for Asia Don lemon B and es ese with 11 g as Julian in these stag graham overlapping channels are available for use.
Each general is 22. Emma Hurd's a white. It is common to use the Channel 16 and 11 in the same areas because these three channels do not overlap
that you want to. Radio bands were initially spicy, fine ever used with a 0 11 a wireless but are also used by ese read item and an azure 11 a c
you into our trades over three ranges you 1 to 15.150 get Kurds A 2.5 point 250 gave hers you in 2 to 5.230 k herds T 5.350 k hurts and a five point
for 70 gigahertz. Do a 5.7 to 5 acres.
You. 1235.7 to 5 acres into your fight. 50.875 gave hers right This range overlaps with R E S M u N to provides a 12 none overlapping channels
Running tackle. Question number one. What technology provides a one point free gigabits per second of the being way of using five G hertz frequencies. It iss ah, the IEEE agent a dialling a c. We've won. We discuss the warrior
question number two. What are the 39 overlapping channels off? Triple Yays You die 11 B T and a Channel A D N A. G B Channel 16 and 11
See Channels 38 and 11. The Channel A Energy is answer be Channels 16 and 11
In today's brief lecture with this guy's the Worst land standard can see from this reform. Make sure you spend some time I get from, you know, with this.
Any questions? Few Free to some email. Otherwise, I guess you in the next video bye for now.
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