5.1 Scheduling Your Exam

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Video Transcription
Hey, everybody. And congratulations for making it to the end of the course.
And this lecture we're gonna be covering how to schedule your certified cloud practitioner exam. If you're ready, please join me. As you can see, I've opened up my browser and navigated to www dot aws stopped training. And right here, up at the top, we see the certification tab. I'm gonna go ahead and open that up,
and I'm gonna sign in.
All right. As you can see, I am in the er a dubious training and certification dashboard where you can actually access your certification accounts. And right here, on the right hand side is the big yellow on the same schedule. New exam. So I'm gonna go ahead and open that up.
And as you can see our a list of the various certifications that are available now in 2019 you can actually schedule your exam with either PS I or Pearson view. I have experience with both, and both testing centers were great. Uh, so if
it all depends based on where you're located on what's available Thio.
But now you do have both options to choose from both testing centers to choose from. So for this course, we're going to select the certified cloud practitioner, and you can go ahead and select either one. I'm gonna select Pearson Vue,
and from here, you can actually ah, go ahead and felt the rest of the information. So how do you want to take your exam? You can take a lot of private are you could take out a local testing center.
Gonna select next. You can select your prefers language from, you know, the English
and here it gives you the information on the pricing. Kind of busy, a summary. There's testing policies
and I can go ahead and proceed to schedule my exam. And right here, we're gonna go ahead and confirm the exam selection. All you'll need to do is finish closing out the details for this. Ah, purchase. You're gonna have to pay for it up front before you go in. But when you schedule, it's
you'll have your doctor mutation ready. They'll give you the information that you need
for I. D. S and stuff like that. So you can hand it over to the proctor when you go and take your exam. But ah you know,
Please don't be nervous. This this exam is gonna be an easy exam.
You really don't have to start kind of feeling the pressure until you start preparing for the associate level or professional level exams. For the most part, that certified cloud practitioner is is very easy. It's just gonna cover. The basic understanding of the service is that you and I have walked through throughout. This course
is gonna cover some of the building and the pricing models
for these service is, But for the most part, everything's at a very high level, and I believe that you're gonna do excellent. I believe that you're gonna get certified. Uh, please be sure to let me know hit me up on social media. I'm on Twitter and I'm on instagram and you can also reach out to me on my blawg, and I would be happy to find out how you did.
Uh, I also would love to receive input
from you. You know, if you found some information on the exam that was not covered in this course, please let me know. Likely if you experience that other students are experiencing it too, and I want to make sure that I improved the course to cover those materials. And the eight of us is constantly changing their material, their exams,
then that we're teaching students the information that they need to know in order to pass this certification
and become cloud engineers. So
anyways, congratulations once again on completing this course. I hope you found this course
super helpful. And I hope to hear from you soon. Once you've passed your exam. All right. Thank you again. And good luck on your exam.
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