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all right, here we are, on the last leg of the tour. We're headed down the last part of the stretch here, and we're on domain five, which is operations
and with operations. We're gonna be talking about kind of those day to day things that we're concerned about. We're gonna be looking at the physical infrastructure. We've talked about that a little bit, and we know that the cloud service provider is
always responsible for the data center and that physical elements or those physical elements. But again, we may be seeing questions from the perspective of the customer or the cloud service provider. And certainly we want to ensure that the physical infrastructure is sound and secure.
We'll talk a little bit about logical security. Configuring our network are virtual tools in such a way that we have the correct structure of zones. And then we have isolation from zone disown. We'll look at some maintenance issues, never forget,
you know, never forget. We always have to deal with maintenance. We have to do with patching. And what does that look like from a cloud service provider standpoint?
network security, the basics of networking. You have heard most of this in CIA, says P Class, or even a security plus guys. But just some reminders about secure protocols and some techniques that we need to do in order to enforce security on the network level.
Operations management specifically will look at some of those ideas in a little bit more death and kind of list out with operations. Security is
and then last but not least, we have risk management
who rules the world risk managers, and it's that important. So we'll have a section talking about the phases of risk management. So that's what we're gonna cover in domain five. Stick around. We're gonna start off with data center and physical structure.
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