5.1: Conclusion

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Video Transcription
Hey, everyone, welcome back to the core. So in the last video, we went ahead and showed you how easy it was in our case study to actually go ahead and block known threats. So threats from the OSS top 10
and again we did a sequel injection attack against our domain. And we were able to see in our logs the successful attack as well as once we enabled block mode. We were able to block that actual attack.
And this video word is gonna wrap up this particular course. So you may be asking yourself Well, what's next?
Well, let's talk about what we covered in this entire course. We talked about E C two again at a level so elastic. Compute Compute Cloud. We also talked about Route 53. We went ahead and set up to 53 got our domain registered,
and we went ahead and set up her E C. Two instance And then we went into the 40 Web Claude Web publication. Fire was a service solution.
We set up our applications, we went ahead and integrated our application.
We then changed to see name records. Everything would actually work properly. We then went into the dashboard and just took a poke around real quick to see how easy was to navigate with that moved into our case studies. So again, the first case study. We just wanted to see how easy the solution was to use and how easy it was to create rules for it.
And then, in the second case study, that's where we focus more on blocking specific threats. So in that example, we went ahead and did a sequel injection attack on our domain, and then we blocked it by just enabling block mode. So again, if you recall, it only took a couple of seconds to protect our organization.
So where can you go from here? Where there's a huge amount, Of course, is in the cyber catalog, one in particular that I mentioned in this course I mentioned. The 50 says, Oh, concert. Excuse me, security controls by Dr Amoroso, so I definitely recommend you check that out. It's a great course that carries a lot of information that's applicable across
organizations, regardless of your industry. So I definitely encourage you to check that course out.
If you're interested in more of the defensive side of things. We've got more courses on things like next. Gen Firewalls from Palo Alto Networks We've also got some other networking courses as well. So I definitely encourage you to check those out if you got interested in the attacking part of things. So if you
noticed the sequel Injection Attack, we did, and you got all excited about that,
then by all means, definitely check out the sequel injection course we have on the site as well as all the offensive types, Of course, is so the basic penetration, testing and ethical hacking, the Web application penetration testing course as well as many, many money courses in the catalog.
So, as always, I just want to thank you for watching this course. Definitely had, ah, good time filming. It had an enjoyable time, and I hope you find it beneficial now if for some economic reason you weren't able to follow along with the hands on that's okay, you got a good introduction to this particular product. So again, the fortunate for the Web Cloud Web application fire was a service,
and you also got a good introduction to the AWS dashboard at a high level,
and you were able to spin up in your own easy to instance. Or at least you were able to watch one being spun up and you were able to take a look at Rue 53 get your domain Name is well, so congratulate yourself if you follow along, hands on. And if you just were able to follow along in the videos, that's fine. To feel free to congratulate yourself. You did a great job. It was certainly,
ah, shorter course than what I normally put out there. But
I hope you enjoyed this particular course and I will see you in the next one.