4.6 DCI and LB in DC

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11 hours
Video Transcription
Hello. Welcome back. Let's go surf. I design associate Marjo for lice and 4.6
I'm an instructor. We
in the previous video, we talked about a virtualization overview on the technology's Promise video. We will begin to introduce a T. C. I. And I'll be in D. C.
Pre assessment question application servers are required. All biasing. The security service sees we're in the Dennison a network. Should these service's be provisioned
a core be aggregation. See Layer three. Access the distribution. I'll be in the application Where Right?
Here's the topic of Won't discuss.
There's Inter interconnected overview. A Dennison are interconnected. VCR is the network that connects. The two are more d ceased together to transport traffic between them. Right? Today's businesses were driving the need to be more mobile and flexible than ever before. As new data centers are built,
it is expected that a critical business of work clothes have ah, high levels of a residency and can move between DCs without the restrictions
too specific a joke. Graphic locations. Users also expect the six you're never an application access with a high performance from anywhere they are located.
There's the D. C. I transport options, right? They transport option for D C. I force into free grouping based on layer one truly are free of the O S M o can see from this form.
All right.
Oh, TV overlay Transfer of fertilisation needs Annexes a Essar's software feature that provides for layer to extension functionality between the Dennis and her over any I p networks.
It's supported by nexus of seven K and S R 1000 be with proper license purchased
for our TV. It work on a D. C. I. Layer two considerations that you have several considerations to keep in mind when you extended their two between de ces within each data center, it is, ah vice able to minimize the skull bubble out to networks
for a better manageability. When providing connectivity between D. C s,
it is recommended that you do not extend the arrow to if at all possible. However, how to connectivity is needed for scenarios that require a clustering server migrations on of'em ability.
The emotion virtualization futures is such as a V M ability, are the biggest the drivers for our two extensions between de cease the of'em, a mobility future requires synchronization of a softer models during the VM move over the out two extensions
with the server Meg orations, ikey Remembering can be compacts and Osama applications may be difficult to re addressing right,
making it easier to just extend our to do. The other dissenter with high availability class tres heartbeats are used to communicate over. I want to. Between the servers that are hard over the costume,
there's a little buzz in the D. C. Ah, little bouncing in the D. C. Is used for better application and availability. Performance and a scale ability as well as they gave the users are more robust vacation experience. There are two main ways that we deploy a little biasing in a data center
application, a little buzzing and never financing.
We start with the educational balancing. Educational advising is when the application actually performed. That'll balancing between the tears of the application stack, for example, with the standard, uh,
a three tier implication that uses Web application in the database out years, multiple Web servers can redirect traffic into the different application servers
without the need of her never base. Televising the Web servers of themselves would have controlled it all by the same rock rhythms that can be used. These application, low bonds and functionality is not available in all applications. Therefore, some applications may still need to use a never debase televising,
never realizing there are free general categories for network robot sing dedicate. All 4 to 7 local officers can be hardware, appliance, virtual appliances or even software based fertilizers. The use of our tri key addresses, which them up to a group of server ikey addresses
that make up a server. Pools
algorithms are used to make intelligent, little bouncing decisions on wages. Servers, thio send the traffic to and health checks are used. Thio constantly verify the state of the servers before the seven advisers also maintain TCP state information locally in their state tables.
Deanna's based
little rising as where the server keeps track of A which server is available for use The D. N. A server maintains that a random a list of the servers I tease for the specific D. N s enquiries
that they use is the respondent. The crying requests. The Deanna's tierro periods are used to verify whether or now to the server I P's are available.
Maybe the server I tease are not available. The server i p's are removed from the D. N s a server list Applications that use ah heart coded I p addresses or are not at the n s aware prevented the use of the space shuttle
Any cost of based,
low buzzing words between servers and rotter that run a common enemy. The routing protocol that supports the e c M P each server in the pool shares the same virtual address uses a different I p address are physically three interface. The same virtual address is also used. The loop back of the writer
The merger addresses then advertised it from a
each server the rotter via the rotting particle. This little buzzing approach only works reliably for UDP traveling because the TCP uses the sessions that cannot be maintained. Well, the servers change it right
Burning Question one. The company would like you to distribute of'em hosting Coster between three dead Isner's with the capability to move BMS between sites. The connectivity between data centers that I kill me and the new desires should have used the existing one, which is rare to tunnel in technology issue to be used a o T v
be v p r S c out to t p v three
The a t o m. Any travel over man tries so TV is ah, next is a star software a future that provides out to extension practicality between Dennis enters over any i p network. So it is the answer. Other options are, you know, involved in the
installed a new circuit, right? Because the question our CEO used existing one can keep existing one by the rest of their choice.
So the answer is, oh, TV,
ofcourse the number two which to Cisco Products and be used in a data center to support oh TV technologies Shoes to a Cisco S R. 98 years Routers, bees is going X is a 55 100 Sierra switches See Siskel a nexus seven a. C or just wages.
The Siskel necks is three case. Here's stretches
eases, though, as our one days here's rodders with these guys. These are rare is Gabby CNN E next to seven k and ASR. One cake with the proper license support right
trays. Brief lecture. We discussed the D. C. I and I'll be in D. C. Any questions? Feel free to contact me. Otherwise I'll see you in the next video. Bye for now
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