4.6 American Version Part 2 - Volunteer Identity Hack

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Video Transcription
So let's have a look at what you can do now that you've got a person's name, address and date of birth.
But the first thing that the hacker might do is go into the International Student Association site. I've just picked one at random, but there are plenty of them around by simply providing your name, address and date of birth. Plus by providing some proof points, like a letter from a university stating that you're attending a particular course,
you can pick up a virtual or physical
student I D card.
It's very easy. You simply go online and put in your victim's details and pay the $20 purchase a virtual card. Or you can pay a little more to get a physical card.
The physical cow will be a credit card size I D. And if you supply your own photograph, you can now have your very own credit card sized photographic I d.
With somebody else's details, but your photograph on it. So what can you do from there? Well, it's a simple is going onto any website around losing your identity here? I've just picked one from M I c dot com
and it looks at how you congrats, new driver's license, a copy of your Social Security card and even a birth certificate.
And it seems to be fairly easy to do if you're looking at picking up one of the most important pieces of information a birth certificate.
You can do that by going into a vital records office
in certain states. You may not even need any other form of identification here. It states that there are other requirements, such as making a sworn statement off your identity, submitting the utility bill or a letter from the government addressed to you or having your parents admit a notarized letter and a copy of their own Photographic i d.
A lot of this information can be forged. It's very easy to forge a bank statement or a letter from the government for scroll further down. You can even get a new driver's license or state I D card.
Now. This could be replaced online by now or by visiting the local government agency.
The options do very depending on what state you live in and other factors, including a rage and whether you've recently had a license replaced.
But again, this is quite easy to get.
It even states down the bottom here. If you have a passport or birth difficult, this is typically sufficient to get your lost license replaced. So now you can see how easy it is just by getting access to a student, I d. You can then get a birth certificate. You can then get somebody's driver's license or state I d card.
Okay, so what can you do from here? So what about getting access to a Social Security I. D. A Social Security idea is probably one of the best forms of identification that a person can have access to. You'll need a State I. D or driver's license if you have one from Washington, D. C. Or one of the 20 states mentioned in this particular article.
If you don't have those documents, you can go to your local Social Security office.
Your needs to bring proof of identity with you, including either a U. S passport, a driver's license or estate. I d. It seems to be very easy to be able to get access to a Social Security card providing you followed the other sticks.
So what can you do from here.
Well, you don't want this information if you're doing online to be sent to the person. So if you go online, you can request for a Maori direction, and their service is that allow you to do that very easily.
So here I've gone onto the change my postal address website, and if I scroll down here, it's very easy. I simply take on temporary. I select this fording date I put in. The person's details are putting the old address and the new address I put in, whether it's an individual or family, et cetera, and I click pay now.
If a hacker was going to do this,
they would send it to what is called a dead sign, a dead zone as a house that nobody lives in.
You want to ensure that you can easily gain access to the male that has been redirected from there. What they'll do is they'll generally check them out in the evenings because it was a lot darker. It is also a lot more difficult to identify a person etcetera.
A good hacker or identity thief will then select the items that they are interested in,
so this could be a bank statement. It could be a credit card statement and could be utility bill or the driver's license that they requested to be replaced, or the Social Security I. D or the State I d et cetera, that has been sent to the person.
What they will then do is they will then return all of the other mouth to the victim's house. That way they ensure that the victim doesn't know that. Then Mao has been redirected.
So now that they've done the Mallory direction, what can they do? Well, they've got all of this information. They've got potentially a student I D card, a driver's license, a birth certificate, a state I D and or a Social Security I d.
Now you have enough identification toe open up a bank account if the heck and knows what bank account. The victim is with bacon. Then open up other bank accounts with other backs. They will not want to open up a bank account with the victim's bank because there
can cause some form off suspicion.
So generally what they'll do is they may open up bank accounts with up to eight different banks.
What, there will then do is old form a savings habit, so each week they will put in $50 into these different bank accounts.
They'll do that for the next six months because it creates a savings history.
What the hack it can then do is go into those branches and apply for a small personal life.
Now, if it's a small line of no more than about $5000 that bank, unfortunately, does a very basic check.
Do they know the person? Do that have a bank account with, um, have they got some form of income or savings history enough to ensure that, yes, they can pay back the loan over a period of time and then from there are their credit risk.
If the answer to that final question is note, they would generally approved the loan within 24 hours, or sometimes even on the spot. Now, if the hacker has done that with eight different banks, they have netted $40,000 in personal lines in the name of somebody else.
It is far easier for a hacker to steal a person's identity and use those purposes for fraud or theft. Then it will be for the person to prove that their identity has been stolen in the first place.
So let's go through the assessment question. What information do you need to do? Identity theft,
person's name,
address, date of birth or place of work
with the correct answer. Is
your name, your address? Any date of birth, that's all. Unite.
So in today's lecture, we discussed how a hacker can use your information to not only do identity theft, but to also cause real harm
in this particular case for my wife accounts and devices,
the hacker or the thief can also gain enough documentation to open up a bank account and take out personal loans, et cetera, all in that person's name.
I hope you found this section really useful and interesting, because for May I love talking about this. I want to be able to educate everybody on how to stay safe online.
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