4.5 Virtualization Overview and Technologies

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Hello. Welcome back, Cisco. Sir, If I do then associate our Joe four nights and five. I'm your instructor. Wait.
In the previous video, we talked about the enterprise D C. Infrastructure problem. These video we will begin to introduce virtualization overview on technologies.
Here's the pre assessment question The span intrigued. Apology. You can be simplified by deploying system on X O s technology in a distribution and the access layer a vtc bi flex links
CVS S D v D c
um E rapido PVT spanning tree particle. Plus
it's can be a virtual partial.
Here is the topic of will discuss
virtualization over the right, as the demand for I t do to do more with less well, increasing efficiency has risen. Fertilization has become a critical, competent a most an impress networks.
Militarization technologies allow a physical device that share its resource is by creating multiple logical copies of itself.
Other forms of virtualization can enable multiple physical devices. The logically appear as one virtualization is a critical competent over. The Cisco Network architectures Paul the Enterprise Data Center and is changing the way that his nerves are architected.
The use of a virtualization improves the network efficiency provides the efficient. Hence, the flexibility reduces operational expenses.
Network designers faced manager on use that are driving the need that poivre tradition technologies in a network. Dissenters are growing rapidly, and his Chinese directly impacted a profitability for the business.
All right, here's the summer is in this form, right operational costs, reducing the number of physical devices, traffic escalation on the increase, the performance price, Racial right
and price networks consist of the two main types of a virtualization technology group scenes called a network virtualization. In that device, virtualization
network virtualization in comm passes a logical escalating their workers segments that share the same physical infrastructure each second and operates independently and is logically separated from the other segments. Each network segment curious, with dates on privacy, security, independence. That about policies
sure as levels on independent a rotting paths.
Here are some things impose of the network Virtualization technologies be land ah, virtual local area network. VCs Virtual storage area Network B R F verte rotting in a forwarding BTS virtual private network, BP Seaver work oh per channel right.
The device virtualization allows for a single physical device to act like a multiple copies of itself
device virtualization and impose mineralogical devices the right independently of each other on the same physical piece of a hardware. The software creates a virtual hardware that I can function just like the physical
never device and other form of a device virtualization entails using Robbo physical devices act as one logical unit.
Here are some examples of the device Virtualization technologies server virtualization, virtual machines or Joe Switching system B. S s Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance A s a fireable context
virtual device contacts. It's VD sees
fertilization technologies. We started with the B s s
virtuous waging system. V. S S is an Aborigine virtualization technology, usually in the land at a loss to physical surgical attack. Time is the 45,656,800 series stretches to act as a single large pervert switch
theorem. If virtual rotting in forwarding as a rotting virtualization technology that creates multiple logically or three rotting and forwarding instances Roth tables that can function on the same physical rotter immobile label switching, I'm sure as we can yammer means
the use of of the R F technology plays a major role by allowing multiple networks
till co exist on the same interest network that rotting information is contend inside of the V R F on is a visible. Only two riders participating in that same E r F. Because of the routing information with the Our athletes is separated. Duplicate key addressing scheme are can be used.
The PC Orion virtual per channel
technology works out by combining into Cecil Nexus series of switches with Kenji Links, which are there. Three presidents and two other switches are as a single logical your switch of her heart channeling our purposes. Did 1/3 doll streaming device with the key see the spanning tree topology appears a little pre
allow for multiple active, active forwarding paths and accreting redundancy well also increased. Being within a physical apology, the doll stream device could be a servers, which firewall or any other device that supports IEEE Asia to the 3 80 poor channels, right?
It can't be usually in our campus in moments to aggregate a port.
Carroll's using IVF switches. BPC consists of a two bpc pierce, which is connected. Divide up your link, which is a pair of attendee links the hair off the VPC switches is referred to our BPC domain, right? They use a primary and secondary rules. The BBC Pierce switches are
I manage the in a Bentley with the separated control and forwarding planes
Device contacts, device Contact the navel, a single physical network to device to host the multiple births. And there were devices each device contacts have been that independent A configuration with its own policy. Never again for preseason the management are cons
the virtualized The contacts of that, rather on a single network device operate a similarity to standard on their devices.
Most of the same features are present on the physical device are also supported on the individual device contacts the following a system that were devices supported user with the device contacts
all systems next seven cases drops wages. So this is go TSA and ah, Cisco carry 65 handler as a service module sista like E s.
Uh, here's the server virtualization. Right, there's ah, there's vendors for that is a V m r E s x I server sentries us and server maker Soft hyper beat on the two way thio for service getting skate off or scale out right
versus waging virtual Sweet Jesus software inside of the hyper visor that provides connectivity between boards. Machines Burgess wages are similar to physically theorized wages. Ian that they provoked process about forward traffic based on my way to information.
Virtuous wages are up. Things that are tied into the physical nick that reciting the hyper visor
toe, a law reach ability to the physical. The three networks each of'em has a virtual nick, a taxi to the virtual switch on only the Mac and I, he addressed that enables the VM to communicate with the other PM's attached it to the same virtual switch or outside of to the physical. Never
the next is once on these. An example. Virgil. Switch from Sistol.
Virtual workload of mobility as a major benefit and virtual ization environments this functionality allows for running. B M is to be moved between virtualized. The hosts are running on separate the physical hardware through the physical either and Edward
doing them adoration hold still retaining the same Mac and ikey addressing information
which requires out to collectivity which you know. Capra Visor hosts one of the challenges of the operated to remove the BM speech in a virtualized the hosts along with the configure, and there were security policies without having to reconfigure each other. The verse wise the hosts
net Roberta wise. Asian design considerations Access control Right access needs to be controlled to ensure that users and the devices are identified and authorized for entreaty to their assigned network segments. Security that out of that accesses layer is critical for protecting the
never from a France, both internal and external
path isolation pot size delusion involves the creation of the independent and logical never paths over a shared in every infrastructure. Right in first VPN is that in the example of a path, the isolation technology whereby devices are mapped id Teoh, the R F to access the correct a set of and there were resource is
learning check. Question. What
a network engineer is attempting to separate a rotting demands to using a virtualized. The technology. What protocol can be configured? A. Performing that his task. A veena PV san See the r f the VPC. So the R f right
Venus are for mayor to be sand for storage. Europe for their free wiki sees. Ah, virtual partial it smell right.
Question number two to what layer to technology Does Dr Closely compare wth E s s BTC villain and BTP right is a very close Thio. Nina. Right.
In today's brief lecture, we discussed the virtualization overview, other technologies, Any questions? Feel free to contact me. Otherwise I'm gonna see you in the next video. Bye for now.
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