4.5 Types of API's

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now, not all AP Eyes Air created equally. For a long time we had a specific protocol cult soap, and I'm not saying soaps outdated. Sofus still around? It's getting dated. Simple object access protocol, simple object access protocol.
Now, ultimately, when we talk about so
the idea is it provides a structure for that exchange of information. Okay, so we'll come back some of the issues with soap in a minute.
Then there's also you may come across W S D L, which is just the standard description language that's been used traditionally,
The issue here is we've got a lot of overhead with soap type ap eyes.
when we're talking about this, we're reliant upon XML
extensible markup language. We're reliant upon Samel
and with Samuel, we look at security assertion markup language. And even though those have traditionally work, they work very well. In many instances, anytime you're basing your requests on X M l and you can tell when we talk about Sam Old s A M L
XML is becoming dated coming out of favor. And the reason for that is there's a lot of overhead with these XML type requests. Okay, so for instance, Let's say I'd like you to turn off the light.
All right? I can give you a little yellow sticky note that says, Please turn off the light, stick it on your desk. When you leave, you turn off the lot.
Or I could get my formal stationery and say, Dear cyber, very students, please turn off the light when you get a chance. Sincerely, Kelly, I can fold that letter up, put it in an envelope, have my full return address. Your full address
both ways will get you a message. It says Turn out the light. But obviously, by wrapping up that message in an envelope, we slow things down.
So when we're looking at using so the cause of the reliance on Samel the reliance on it's him. L we have a lot of overhead now. Traditionally, that's been okay, right? But if you think about going back to you know, 2000 mid two thousands, when we started to see mobile computing
right, the majority of people are not sitting down, and computers the way they were in accessing Web gems were accessing these things from our phone from our tablets are smart devices watches, right? And when you look at the size of, for instance, a smart watch,
you know there's no way to fit the processing capability
in something this small like we have with the desktop computer Traditionally. So what that means is, if we're gonna allow this type of application to Web abs, we gotta go small. We've got to use protocols and applications and AP eyes that have less overhead
a that ushered in a new type of AP eyes. So I want to be clear here when we talk about soap. That's a specific protocol that details specific exchange. It's related on Samuel for security.
We also have a second category of AP eyes called rest ful. AP eyes Now rest ful AP eyes are able to use different types of communication other than sample they can use. Jason were other formats that are much skinny or so to speak much quicker, have much less overhead.
if it's an arrest, fel a P I and again restaurant doesn't mean the protocols just a class or category of AP eyes, much less overhead, much quicker from an exam perspective,
we're moving towards the rest ful AP eyes. Why less overhead and portable computing. So just a quick review. So the big piece here
pro. It's based on standard. That's always gonna be a benefit, right? Standards based. We know what we're getting with. So
but the downside. Xml slow, slow, slow. Another element is that it's really intolerant of errors. It's really syntax heavy, so that can cause a lot of problems as well.
So when we're thinking about using, so the more traditional situations fit and we talk about a synchronous processing not so much that back and forth. But this information is transmitted here.
Informations, then processed on your end. It's not so much a back and forth, so the overhead doesn't matter.
Hey, when we look at rest ful AP eyes, not XML base just uses the girls for exchange lots of different outputs. Jason being very popular, we can still do CSB, but the bottom line is less so for hip.
Certain applications require state based trends, actions versus state less so when we talk about rest full, they provide state less operations much quicker
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