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Welcome back to Cyber Aires, ese 103 Microsoft Azure Administrator. Of course, my name's Will Carlson, and this is Episode 30 virtual machine extensions.
In today's episode, we're gonna talk about how virtual machine extensions can help us automate the post deployment configuration steps that we often have to perform as administrators. And again, the whole goal here is we have these armed templates that can automate some of these deployments. But
how do we automate the steps that we have to do to the virtual machine after that? And
thankfully, through virtual machine extensions, there is a way
we're gonna jump right here into portal and go to resource groups
and back into our I T resource group, where we currently have a couple of virtual machine workloads running.
Now the extensions available to you are going to depend on the operating system of the virtual machine. And to prove that point here, we're going to go to this service desk of'em, which is a Lennox virtual machine. I can go ahead and click on extensions here,
and I can see that a number of extensions have already run, but I can go ahead and add some others. And here is a list of all of the extensions available for Olympics machine. Some of these air gonna be from third party vendors. Some of these air gonna be vendor neutral or vendor agnostic that you can use to do whatever you would like to do.
For example, custom script for Lennox.
Custom script for Lennox is going to be a V m extension produced by Microsoft, and it ultimately will use and leverage Power Shell that is cross platform and can be installed little the next machine to do any number of the post configuration steps of your Lennox machine itself.
You'll also notice another pretty infamous or famous Lennox. Just piece of software for automating and orchestrating is going to be chef and Chef also has a
bm extension here available in azure as well. So if you have a chef environment, you can simply deploy this Lennox extension. You could even do this, be of the armed template, and then that machine would go ahead and register to chef. And then you could handle all of your post deployment orchestration using Chef.
Now, we're gonna go back out here in the resource group and go to Bible sing server. And this is a Windows virtual machine that I have running here in this resource group.
And we're gonna go back to extensions just to look at some of the different extensions available here. Tow us for a windows were closed.
Now, the first thing you might notice is that some of these air going to be familiar when the chef extension is similar to the linen chef extension Custom script extension is here, available with for windows as well.
One particularly powerful virtual machine extension. You might want to look into his power shell. Desire to state configuration D S C is a very powerful suite of tools that are available to us as administrators b a power shell toe. Help us automate a lot of these post deployment and configuration tasks
to simplify the example. Here, I'm gonna go ahead and select on custom script extension,
and I'm gonna create one of these.
I'm going to go ahead and upload a power shell script
and I have a basic I asked Power Shell script here.
Gonna open that
and we can see that that's uploaded to Azure so I can go ahead and select okay.
And although it looks like nothing is going on, if I come up here to my
I can see that the deployment of this script was successful. And if I click on deployment succeeded here, I'll actually see the deployment screen.
And what this tells me is that the deployment on the server is actually underway,
and now I can see that our custom script extension deployment is finally complete.
So in this instance, in order to test this, we can simply navigate to the public i p address for this virtual machine and make sure that I, I s is actually running.
So let's go over to a virtual machine and grab its public I p address. We're gonna go back to resource groups.
It's in our I T resource group.
And that was the file sing Virtual machine.
And I can see that the public I p address for my virtual machine is right here, and I can copy and paste that into a new browser window.
And now I can see that I ask, is up and running on the server, all things to a custom script extension.
In today's episode, we talked about how we can use custom script extensions to help us as administrators handle some of the post BM deployment tasks and configuration tasks that we may need to do on a recurring basis for any given workload.
Now that we have our virtual machines completely automated from start to finish,
how can we make sure that we maximize their up time and make sure they're highly available? And in order to do that, we're gonna talk about the concept of availability sets.
Thanks for joining me in this video. I'm looking forward to the episode on availability sense coming up next.
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