USB and eSATA Expansion Cards

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Video Transcription
Okay. Welcome to come TA plus 2 to 0 dash ones. Those are one module to less than 4.4 U. S B and E Seita expansion cards. This is again further than conversational expansion cards connected to the system for advanced capability. So let's go ahead and get started.
So our lesson objectives today we're going to talk about us. Be expensive cards and e se the expansion cards. Let's first start off with us. Be expansion cards.
UM, now
York PC or mobile device traditionally comes with USB. Interface is there is a lot of you have USB interface is because USB is so versatile on your PC or systems. If you need to add to that existing number of USB ports, this is the way to go using a USB expansion car.
Expand the number of USB interface is on your system, or if you want to add a different type of USB port, that's not commonly honor system such as the U. S. B C,
which is a newer standard or Fermat into you in the USB.
Um, these P cards are installed right in the PC Ieast launched, just like the other expansion cars that we spoke about and expand your capability now? USB. Like I said before, So versatile in your PC Already there's a lot of USB ports, four different hubs or different devices.
Would that be microphones? Earphones? You name it.
There's a lot of peripherals out. They're connected to a system through a USB port. Now you have the capability of extending that number of us before is by adding a USB expansion cards that give you more capability. There are USB cards or interface cards
that even provides power through them for powering devices such as mobile mobile devices. So they the the number of devices and the advanced capability is pretty pretty much unlimited With USB expansion cards.
E ST Expansion cards E. Seda, External Serial 80 A connector connective ity primarily to mass storage devices Outside of the system we're look talking about like six gigabit and and speeds. Now E Saito is more or less
not gone by the wayside, but it is been out for a while, and you calmly don't see East Ada ports on
newer mobile devices ormolu newer desktop computers. However, the extent Spansion cards are still available and knees would be for situations where you had a ah PC or mobile device
and dedicated to a storage device and you need to do for back up purposes or sending huge or large amounts of data are to a backup device.
This is where an E stato expansion car will come into play.
E stato, basically is your traditional Seita connection, but just external outside of the system, and it connects right directly to the system bust of the cysts unit and to that storage device.
And it's a way of transferring large amounts of data to a mass storage device that's outside of the system. You can connect external drives to your e se the connection, and again you can do it right through the E ST expansion card.
So again, expanded capabilities of your system.
So these were just too Maur expansion cards and the line of vast different devices that you can connect to your PC, the USB expansion car and the East Ada expansion cards. Okay,
on to the next lesson
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