4.4 Enterprise DC Infrastructure

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Video Transcription
Hello. Welcome back. Let's go. Certified Design associate about your Ford. Listen for a point for I'm your instructor way.
In a previous video, we talked about Chairman using the D. C. From this video, we will begin to introduce the enterprise D C infrastructure.
Prius has been question what to sand particles will allow a customer to utilize 10 g e For South access, Choose to
say Ask Cassie, B F c o E
C s a t a
thief, Viper Channel
e P O e
and B I Scusi and f c o d.
Here's the topic of we'll discuss today.
Enterprise D. C. Infrastructure. Today's an oppressed data center infrastructure follows the Cisco multilayer Architect ER, which includes a DC coric necking to the local area network
core at the center. The Land Corp provides access to the well there and the Internet that the limit arise. The zone D m Z, by additional never got connections.
The D C court in the land core have ah high speed at all three resident interconnections between them, the land core and the D C. Court networks maintain a separate logical domains with the respect that thio change control processes and procedures.
This model also allows for the D. C court infrastructure to be moved off site without a major redesign.
There is in the storage for many companies, the another stop demand for storage in the data center is reality. Servers can use a locally attach to the storage or leak an active storage over the story here and network sent
direct attach to the storage it. Daz is a composed of a local disks that are physically installed in a server.
Gas is not a very flexible because only in the local host that can use the story gene, Most cases says, on the other hand, along multiple servers to share a common pool. All the storage using either fibre channel, IFC or some form of AH I P story just such as ice Cassie.
Pools of the story age can be easily expanded with the Moors capacity. Using
stories, your race fibre channel stands are dedicated. The StorageNetworks that link servers using it to be a CE were the stories you're raised. You then sans waiters.
The legacy approach into storage in the data centuries to use a separately infrastructure for land and the FC Sansa Device Service sees the use of the two networks for land FC Sandstrom sees not only it takes up more space, but it is also more costly to operate in the Mantan.
There is increased that complex it even more equipment to manage and additional points of the theater possible waiting in the network.
The solution is to consolidate both the land. FC Sand service is within a single, unified a network. That consolidation allows for reducing the management of points within the network and a patter utilization of the space cabling and the power of resource is
next is sweet. Jesus, for example, can provide a unified if I break it there supports both. Either they land in the fibre Channel san
traveling on the same physical network.
Next is 5500 Sweet Jesus support unify pores that can be configured and operated to Raider one G 10 g Ethernet or two G for G, a G fiber channel. The three reporters can also support 5% over Internet F c o e f c. Every year. The storage protocol that allows
fiber general frames to be encapsulated for transport over the Ethernet network.
Ah, the 10 g e T. Ethernet networks view of the FC Pino's as just another operator protocol was seen her toe. Keep article traffic. The goal over the fibre channel over Internet of Seo Hee protocols to consulted. They built on land and sea and on the single wear to reduce rich and a cable complexity
from a server perspective of the local area network. Lindh STORY Jerry Never seeing a Iot traffic
Leaving the server uses attendee Ethan a adapter called a converted and ever adapter, CNN A instead of, ah, separate Ethernet and a host of bus adapter. This further reduces the networking interphase requirements on the servers themselves.
Right here is what you know, FC header and the pedal. You know, you throw that back. It looks like
the data center axis layers and main purpose is to provide Lee or 200 or three physical poor density for the servers in a data center in the nation that this interactive later switches provide a high performance slowly DNC switching and the cancer part of mix of the oversubscription requirements,
both from there to the on air free access. Also called a rotted access designs are available by most the Dennison. Iraq's is layers are using layer to collectivity.
The layer two actors desires the villain trunks operating upstream, which allows status ender aggregation services to be shared across the same banana on our cross multiple switches. Other advantages of L. A or to access include a supporter for Nick teeming and a server clustering.
They're requires network connections to be layer to age isn't
we're on the same immediately the one another. The spending tree particle manages physical loops by detecting and the blocking groups that are present in the layer to design with D. C. Then I asked, Keep locks moves in the network, thereby reducing the number of billings by 50% that can be used to forward traffic.
Currently, the recommended STP moat rep you to provide an Spanish three plus our TVs T plus, which ensures that logical fluke freed apology fast for mergers. Designs were the both of their 200 or three axes to provide a flexibility for multiple server solutions to be supported,
including one are you servers and a modular blade server. Chance ese
provide support density for several farms, supports a single home and a due home to servers provides high performance loneliness in the air to sweating supports on makes of the over substation requirements
defining the DC agreeing sure mayor off the aggregate so layer to layer feeling so probably access layer in the connecting connects using upstream minx to the data center core. You're freaking Activity is a typically implement data between a data center aggregation and the data center coordinators.
The aggregation earlier is a critical plane of her security and application service is
the layer 4 to 7. Security and applications services in the data center application layer include a server. Nobody's saying I say so. Offloading fire warning on i PS of service is this service is maintain connection and the session state for IDENT, Izzy Purposes and our comedy Deployed and pears
using serves in Margo's or appliances.
This desire reduces the total cost of ownership. TCO and the east is the management overhead by simplifying a number of the device is that it must be managed the support of the skating, all the access layer multiple aggregation warrior sweeties can be used.
The panel no requirements over the design and the boundary between mayor to honor your free can be in the multi layer sweeties
firewalls are content switching devices in the aggregation wear. Logical aggregation layers can be built out to supporters separated everything Americans, such as production tests and a PCR infrastructure, each with its own security zone and applications for embassies.
First father, then is he protocal. So, such as a Boston by rodder particle HS Archy and a getaway little bottom seeing protocol gel BP
are commonly used in the aggregation layer. Many aggregation. His eyes include a positioning that's TP primary and secondary route. Brady's to help control the loop. Freed Apology and a supporter of a large STP is processing load. Here are some of the data center aggregation were benefits
aggregate strafing from DC excess and it connects the D. C court.
So the pores of the vast application and the security service layers 4 to 7 and service is included. Firewall server Really balancing, I said Help load and I ke s large STP processing load haIf scaleable right,
defining the D. C. Court. Earlier, the medicine of Cory connects the campus. According to the data center aggregation, we're using high speed and layer three links.
The core is a centralized earlier, free rotting layering the which one more data center aggregation layers connect
the data center networks are summarized and the Korean Jackson the default row into Dennis interrogation. The Dennis under court also needs to support I t motorcars to provide a connective ity to the growing use of chemo to cast applications.
The Dennis in the record player is at best practices a competent of a larger data center. Networks,
smaller dissenters, a mate use a collapse of the court. Is I combining the aggregation layer and corners together? However, if you are building a new are creating a few of the deadest, Center is recommending that you implement a dentist and recording that beginning to avoid a network of down time later
security in the D. C. Right that it isn't her host to some of the most critical and a valuable data assets for an organization in order to protect and prevent along in that ring. Intrusions, firewalls and AKI has sensors. They should be used between a critical data and the clients that need access to it.
It isn't a firewall should be appointed in light after the data center recorded their security critical data be lance,
the I T s sensors can run on the hardware modules in the D. C. Five walls. Either ideas, the Prom Nature's mode or i p as blocking mode. When the centuries to configure for ideas mode, there's only monitoring and altering, alerting up normal traffic, is it? It flows through the sensors,
right? I PS mode, on the other hand, can actually detect on the rock of monitors travel before it reaches the critical data. Venus.
That isn't her security. The science issue supported the creation of a multiple secure network segments. Toe holds up vacations, and a service is with the critical data that needs to be protected from all sides. Writes security requirements and compliant reasons will drive the need for sexual violence. In a. D. C. For example,
different levels of the security lines can be improvement made thio host applications and the service is
that require separation such as fire will be less by what we have. The PSB dance and open bananas with the gallows, for example, Secure Vienna's can be used for a second and a free tier applications such as web occasion or inanities.
Question number one. What that would technology consolidates a network in a storage of traffic in a data center. A virtual switching system. Be unified fabric. See virtual story Every network. The unified computing system is a unified fiber.
The number two application servers of required all Bonsignore security service is we're in the data center and our guys Sure, today's service is provisioned
a core. Be aggregation. See layer free access. The distribution is aggregation
in today's bring for. Actually, this does the enterprise D C. Infrastructure. Any questions? Feel free to contact me. Otherwise, I'm gonna see you in the next video. Bye for now.
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