Network Interface Cards

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Video Transcription
welcome to Lesson 4.3 network interface cards. We're going to still continue our talk on expansion cards connected to your system for advanced capability. That's going to get started
for this lesson. We're going to discuss network interface cards. We're gonna talk about Ethernet and gig A big cars, wireless and fiber optic
network interface cards,
network interface cards or nick cards, as they're commonly known, are a type of expansion car that provides connective ity to a network. Thus, the name network interface card,
a network interface card or network interface connection, generally started out with the 10 100 speed cards and moved up to gigabit. And these are standard for a desktop, primarily computer and in laptops. Up until the current models in the newer current model of laptops,
they're starting to be made without a network interface,
Connection said. You would have to use an adapter through USB or any other type of connection, but network interface cards is the standard of connecting to your desktop or your mobile device to a network.
Now let's talk about throughput speeds because there's a variety of speeds that these cars came in and come in right now.
Originally, the 10 100 mega mega byte speeds were available in those cars. It was either a 10 or 100 megabit connection provides a connective ity to the network. And as time went on, this one up to gigabit speeds and cards
came out with gigabit speeds so you could get Gabe at speeds in your mobile device or your desktop PC.
Now, currently, we're up to five. Gig 2.5 Jake Inten Get speeds and network interface cards so you can't have an expansion car up to those speeds, depending on the application that you need to use that system for
wireless interface cards. Wireless Interface Cards provides wireless connective ity through an expansion. Add on card and again, same way we talked before us. Farr's they install right through the PC I'II slots. This carp gives you wireless connectivity versus the wire connection
applications. Here would be mobile PCs,
wire connections that's impractical
on not possible for wired connections, or you're in an environment where AH, wire connection would not be proper. You couldn't use a wireless card.
Fiber optic interface cards, fiber optic inner face cars provides connective it through a fiber optic interface applications here would be high throughput applications or data center environments. You were. You will see a fiber optic connections in the back of servers, high end
data processing stations
and even some environments. Workstations have fiber optic expansion cards installed in the back of them again for those higher throughput applications.
Um, these coming a variety of different makes through different vendors. And you see a lot of these on the market maven use quite silly throughout the years.
Okay, so there was a brief review of network interface cars. Primarily. We talked about Ethernet and gig, urbane Ethan and cards, wireless cards and fiber optic cards. So those are the network interface cards that you would be seeing on the come tia, and we will see you in the next lesson.
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