4.3 Intro to AAD and Azure Billing

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Let's see how Asher builds your 40 Oreos and how you can restrict access to azure Resource is
Whoa! Used the example from our previous video, where you have different subscriptions for each department in your enterprise.
A bill is generated for each subscription on a monthly basis. The chart shows up on the Associated credit card 10 days after the Billick period ends. All those subscriptions are built independently. The count on that is responsible for payment.
In our example, the the Marketing Finance and HR departments will have separate bill that you can imply towers the budgets off each department. This way, you can keep track of each department spending and better control their individual costs.
You can also use different payment metals forage subscription, for example, different credit cards for each department.
Last but not least, you can create budget for each subscription and get notified if one of the department's exceeds their budget.
If you need more detailed analysis of your spending as your offers additional tools like the cost management and billing service that you can use to query the billing data and get a better picture of your spending,
you can drill down toe granular levels, like resource groups or even individual resource is
restricting access to resources and service is is crucial for security in the cloud out Indication for User's in National is performed by Azure Active Directory or A D
as your active directory is a cloud based identity provider that supports multiple authentication protocols, including model model standards like Open Idea and O. R.
You can use actual active directory to register users applications, create groups and other entities, which makes it the complete directory service
entity registered with a D. I'm not handled by a single instance of the service. Instead, after active directories partition in tow tenants
a tenant is an isolated, dedicated instance off a D that is managed by a single organization as your active directory is used by other Cloud service is from Microsoft, including Office 3 65 Microsoft in Tune and and Dynamics 3 65
When you sign up for any Microsoft Cloud Service on instance of a D is automatically created for you.
Keep in mind that there is no 1 to 1 relationship between azure active directory tenant in your organization.
For example, you can hear more tipo es de tenants under your account for testing or other purposes.
Each one of those tenants can have multiple subscriptions associated with it. Those each tenant has a single account owner but can have multiple subscriptions associated with it. A subscription can be associated with a single tenant.
You can migrate subscriptions between tenants if you need toe
using actual active directory, you can managed access to each subscription and every resource underneath individually. This gives you a lot of flexibility to model your organization of access, which in national.
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