4.3 Cloud Application Architecture

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now our next section, we're gonna focus on cloud application architecture. So I've already kind of said
why this is so important, right, Because we're talking about weather maps were talking about securing our data. But we're also talking about making sure that our applications can properly interface with other service provider, perhaps their applications, making sure there's an ease of use
and a security in the nature of use
with our end users. So application security
Very important, of course. So what we're gonna cover in this next section we're gonna talk about a PS application. Programming interfaces big on the test understanding again, We're not getting to the program element of it where you're actually looking at the code, but talking about what an A p I is and why it's so important.
All right, then, other issues. Always. When we're talking about the cloud, we gotta think about multi tendency. We have to think about securing our applications, our data, Our resource is in such a way that other tenants and their actions and activities will affect us.
All right, we look a little bit about cryptography because really, that's one of the ways that we
primarily focus on when we're thinking about securing our data. We also think about sand boxing in relation to applications in sand. Boxing is all about isolation. Keep an application that may misbehave, perhaps from interfering with the rest of the system
on her client systems or even perhaps, on our hosts
and then application. Virtual ization. That's type right in with sand boxing, right, creating a separate virtual environment for the function. So this next section application architecture, that's what we're gonna be covered.
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