4.3 Challenges in the DC

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Video Transcription
No. Welcome back. Cisco Certify Design Associate Module for license 4.3
I'm your instructor wing.
In the previous video, we talked about it. That isn't a networking program ability. From this video, we will begin to introduce the challenges in a D. C.
Pre assessment question. We travel the following best the scraps. How code and How Iose should be arranged in a dentist's enter a hot and code iose facing each other, the alternating pattern of a coat and a hot arrows seeing none out of dating. Pattern of hot on a code. I owe us
d None of the above.
The answer will be be out of dating, pattern of a code and Ohio's, The Cabinets and Iraq's that should be arranged in a data center with an out aiding pattern of a code. And hot Iost right
treated the topic of war against US
challenges when the deploying servers in a data center server deployments are the great concern along the deficit ease and the network equipment. Here are some of the challenges that have must be dealt with when deploying servers. Power required physical rack space, you the limits to scale
management, the resource is firmware server security of our authorization support
management. Dafur required
disinter facility aspect.
Multiple facilities. Considerations go into design and planning for a new dentist in tribute out during the planning sessions, medicine or architectural on mechanical specifications. How would they find the following? How much space will be available, How much loaded the floor. It can support
the power in the cooling capacity
that will be available the cabling plant that will be needed at how to manage it. The facility also needs to meet a certain environmental conditions rather than they descended. Improvement. The selections processing dictates the operating temperatures in the humidity levels that need to be maintained in the data center.
Another important considerations of physical security because of the data center
usually stores data that it needs to be secured from for parties. Access to the site needs to be well controlled. In addition, fire suppression in the alarm systems should be in place to protect it. Cream it in a data from the natural disasters and the theft.
Because the dead is and our facilities are limited in capacity, they need to be designed a properly to allow for the past. The use of employees space for today and into the future.
Most the company's most now must. Now Are they here to regulatory compliance, including environmental requirements provided disaster recovery in some form to enable business continue? T
That doesn't hurt. Does it need to be to provide an infrastructure that can recover network communications data on applications? Provide a high availability?
Okay, let's move on to the data center space This space that the deadest center archaea past makes up the physical footprint and helps answer many questions in Korean. How do aside the overall data center We're into position servers howto make the D. C. Flexible for future growth. I know how to protect the valuable equipment insight.
Several factors need to be considered, including the following. The number of the employees will be supporting the data center. The number of the servers out of the amount of a storage, a gear and the never Can you cream in it and it will be needed.
The space needed for nine infrastructure areas shipping on the receiving server and that work of staging story rooms, break rooms and bathrooms employees off his space. Keep in mind that if the deadest centre is under lost size that it will not a sufficient only satisfied computer storage in an arid treatments.
And ah never requirements will negatively impact of perspective, ity and the cause. Additional costs. A furry expansion
on the fleet site. A dissenter that is to say, spacers is a waste of, ah, capital and a recurring operational expenses. Right size data center facilities. Consider the place man over infrastructure in the agreement
it probably planned, the data center can grow and the support of the organization into the future without constantly operates or locations.
Dead isn't or power, but power in the day Centre facility is used. Thio power quoting devices, a server storage agreement on the network and some lighting agreement cooling down. And that isn't a requirement that requires the most power next two servers and storage
because many of Eros make up actual power usage,
determining power requirements for agreement in the deadest, and I can prove that difficult surgery moments, the power usage. It depends on the computing load
places on the server hall, for example, even the servant is the work harder by a processing more data, it has to draw more a sea power from the power spot, which in turn creates more heat that that needs to be cool down rain. The desire reliability does the drives the power departments.
We may include amount of power feeds of prominent power utility ups, redundant power circuits and the
thes O generators, depending on the options True. Then there is the levels of a power read entity. Can the fact that both capital and the recurring operating expenses determining the right amount of a power redundancy to me to the requirements take a terrible planning to ensure success
asked. The meaning of power capacity you needed
involves a collecting requirements for all the current equipment, including the future requirements of the agreement followed day and a sentry here that shows an example of the data center power usage right. There are some key points related that Dennis and Power
defies overall power capacity, provides a physical electrical infrastructure, and the addresses read. Entity
Power is consuming about appalling cooling servers, a StorageNetworks conversion and undulating.
Okay, let's move on to Dennis and air cooling devices in the days and produce a variable amounts of a heat depending on the device load heat over time decreases the reliability over the data center devices.
Cooling is used to control the temperature in the community over the devices. On it is applied zones rex or individual devices.
Environmental conditions need to be considered on them. Accurate about using probes. The guards temperature changes
ha spots on radical community. Ah, major easier with a high density, computing is overheating. They are more hot spots, therefore, more heat over. Always produced. The increase in heat and humidity threatens a criminal life spans.
Computing power and memory requirements. Demand more power and thus generating more heat output. Space saving termers increase the server density, possibly in rack. But keep in mind that today you close heat. A man ought to be a big deal over up.
Want Jessie's at a freak? A watched kid double, but with five or six servers correct
the heat off. What increases to 20 kw? Innovation and community and levels can affect a static electricity and the data center. Therefore, it is recommended at a relatively community level. Being the Randall with 40% to 55% high levels of a static electricity can cause damage of the dead is an agreement.
Proper Airflow is required to reduce them are off the heat generated by the high density Clement, sufficient, according in agreement, must be available to produce acceptable temperatures within the data center.
The Cabinet's Rex is sure to be a range and Dennis enter with an alternating pattern of a code at Hot Alice. The coda alla shouldn't have a criminal randy to face to face with a hot Io should having clean. And I ran to the back to back.
All right
for equipment that done not exhaust the heat to the rare. Here are some other cooling techniques. Block unnecessary air escape to increase airflow. Increase their height off the race, The floor
spread out incriminating to I use the racks. Usual open Rex Rather that candidates where securities and out of concern
use the cabin is with the mash Franz and back, So use a custom perforated tiles with larger openings.
There's a heating play. Servers. Deployments offer more efficient to use of a space for servers, which is good, but there is also increased amount of ah heat preserver, which requires more cooling to maintain consistent temperatures. Here are some cooling solutions to address the increase. The Heat productions
increased the number of H A V A C units. Increase the airflow through the devices, increases space, beat in the racks and rows. Use the alternative A cooling technologies such as water cooled racks,
dysentery cabling that the cabling in a data center is known as the passive infrastructure. Dead isn't or teams rely on structured and the well organized the cabling plant. Although the activate electronics are true show for keeping the server storage and our devices up there. Running
the physical killing infrastructure is what ties everything together To keep bringing the dead is injured terminates
connections between devices and the garbage bins. How each devise communicates with each other people houses several key character sticks is such as the physical connector, media time in the cable, and copper and fiber. Optical cables are commonly used different. A cable management simplicity are affected by the
following media selection, number of connections, type of cable termination
organizations, space for Kibo's or on present a LL and the vertical cable trays. The covering infrastructure needs to be avoided, falling pitfalls inadequate. Quoting you to restrict the air fall outages due to accidental disconnect, I'm planted dependencies, resulting in more downtime.
Difficult troubleshooting options.
Here's a disaster off cabling. Here is a well organized the court keeping an example of him
crossing number one, which in the over the following uses the highest person age of power within the overall data center power budget A leading be serving storage see network devices wth e medicine or cooling with disgust is a lot. Previously, this is a data center cooling. Use a lot of a partner right.
Question Number two, Which of Napoleon Data centers is one of the aspects of best of Chris Bonds, with architectural on the mechanical specifications, a space load in the party capacity BPC I socks and the HIPPA
see operating in temporary during the community, he sighed. A grass fire suppression and the security of arms is the space load and heart pastie
in today's brief lecture with Disguise the charges in the D. C. Any questions? Feel free to contact me, otherwise I will see you in the next video Bye for now.
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