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given the right experience, let's read another question here.
Advanced degrees Certs, et cetera. How do you find a position as a technical leader? Technical director Seo Cto As many aren't advertised on job sites. Great question. So,
changer. Mark, did you want to jump in on that question?
I'll have Shane start.
Yeah. I mean, it's Ah, talking about a sea level. Position is typically,
uh, you know, something more difficult to find more difficult to obtain. I have seen them advertise in other places on, you know, national and global searches for that specific role. Depending on the
depending on the size of that company. It's usually for those specific roles. Don't look toe work with
more. So, like executive executive level head hunters. So people actually going out and searching for those specific
job flowers because they are much, much higher positions getting into just a general
information security management position. Now, there should be a decent amount of
of positions advertise that you could you could search for. But ah, a lot of companies, you know, depending on
depending on the size, sometimes like to promote within a cz. Well, so getting into, you know, maybe Ah, lower level technical roll or supervisor leadership role. And that kind of working your way up from there, you know, showing your
executive team board of directors et cetera that you're capable of, you know, growth and and leading a larger team again. A lot of people like to promote within a supposed Thio, as opposed to doing more of, like, a national war global search for specific position. But it all depends on the company. Depends on the roll. Have seen,
um, your positions advertised, you know, across the board.
But again that the higher the position is and, uh, the bigger the company, you know, the harder will be to find the specific role, But they definitely exist
for sure. Yeah. I mean, I I'll just jump in for one minute, and then Marco, take your thoughts on that, and then we may wrap up. I may do one more question here, but I know some folks are dropping off is we're kind of getting to the top of the hour, So,
you know, a lot of times, personal networking is gonna lead you to these higher level positions, right? Going to events. We mentioned that earlier. Getting involved in industry groups could be a great way for you to start to find out about higher level positions. So, Mark, did you want to add anything?
Yeah. I mean, Shane's absolutely right. So I do know within the federal government within a d o D that you know, they do advertise those senior executive positions there. But at the end of the day, it really is one of those things that you gonna have to build yourself up to within an organization,
especially if you're kind of trying to go for that first job in the C suite or
even at that upper management.
But, you know, linked inside, even cyber and kind of the I mean, you would be amazed at some of the people in the level that they're at within cyber itself.
On the slack chat we've meant toward and chatted with people with C. C. I ease people that run their own businesses and companies and consulting firms,
and all of that stuff is out there, and they're from all over the world. So
just by doing that kind of networking, which is kind of what Gina is referring to, as well we'll get you out there. But, you know, in to go along with what Shane said, A lot of those are invite only, or they're using a headhunter firms or their people on these sites. And they're looking for resumes. And I see what you're doing. And then they made
They may reach out to you
to find a position.
I mean, so I think What kind of saying? The same thing?
Yeah. No. All good. All good feedback. So let's do one last question. An interesting question here is basically Ah, the person is saying my I have prior experience in accounting, right? So is there any advice? And this person is looking to get a master's and information security Any advice on how to transfer into cyber from accounting?
So Mark will ask you to answer that question for us?
Yes. Oh, so my thoughts are when I see accounting is you know, when you're hitting from the financial side to me, that screams, you know, the position that I think you'd be great in would be kind of doing some sort of risk management, and we're working with the risk management framework or auditing and time that all together.
But even having the accounting background even if you moved into a more technical role,
I I think it would be easier as a leader, especially toe,
to talk to the business people. The managers and those that are above toe
kind of outlining security policy return on investment because a lot of people you know, the security people, they're jerks. They cost us a lot of money. They don't know anything. All they do is try to block everything that we do. So that kind of background may certainly help you in showing, you know, with the language they speak, which is the dollar that made that would definitely help you.
Yes, beautiful. Okay,
great. Well, on that note, let's go ahead and wrap up today's session. We so appreciate everyone being on the weapon are with us today and hanging through and listening to everything that we discussed and keep up the good work on Cyber Eri. If you're not part of the inside of pro program, please take a look at the website and feel free to contact
us A. Here it's library with any of the questions that you have about what you may want to do
in your next steps. So best wishes for today and we're signing off. Thank you So

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