4.2 Data Center Network Programmability

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Video Transcription
Hello. Welcome back, Cisco Certified Design associate CCD. A Margin for lice in 4.2 I'm your instructor wing.
In the previous video, we talked about the enterprise D C. Architecture ER promises video. What will begin to introduce Dennis Internet work. A program ability
pre assessment question which to descriptions of the Sistol application centric infrastructure or to choose to
a utilizes a spying and leave apology. Be capable of supporting virtual devices only see allows for network of programming based on application requirements. He utilizes an f loafer management of the A C I a. Firebreak
utilize these are moan for management over the sea I February.
The answer is a utilizing the spying and leave apologies. Cisco. Next is the nine k Sweetface, you know, are capable for Cisco, a CIA infrastructure, right using a Spanish leave apology
and a sea allows for network programming based on application requirements. That's the key point for a pick, right? Because application centric, that means, like application to me, the based on application requirements. The rest of the options are not related. This
okay, here's the top baker we gonna discuss.
It isn't a network program ability,
never the program ability in the deadest center is a constantly evolving, but it is definitely a scale that is a highly desired of her network engineers who want to stay relevant in industry because unreliable in a stable and that we're going infrastructure is essential for business, continued E
network engineers. I have a lot of it pressures put upon them to keep the never happen and running at all times.
When deploying new applications in a dissenter, network engineer is usually considered a end and path between the users and the applications. The end and path may go through multiple network devices, which leads to a box by box configuration that is required to bring up the new applications.
This box by box approach He doesn't know how to scale well and is more prone to human configuration errors.
As we progress with the network program ability, we need to examine approaches that all changes to be to the network about automation technologies,
techniques that enable alignment with business of velocity, agility and continue T in order to regularly scale on ever getting service is the mindset of the network. Engineers need to adapt on M breezing automation
in a similar way, that virtual ization that has improved in the deployment timeframes of a computer infrastructures
automating doesn't need to be done all and it was. Network engineers can start by automating processes that are easy to do but to require a lot of time to complete. As more and more that working processes are automated, the fear of a teen years is reduced.
The path to network program ability can be broken down into the three faces face one configure. Implementation details are translated directly into syntax for configuration changes made a box by box existing that with my allergies
is still required with underlying protocols in such as I P. T C P, P, D, P and O S. P. F.
Face to provision in view of the network has a whole rather than box by box. First Autumn. It's easy to do that work processes before moving on to more advanced automation. Face three program. The network is a programming the based on application requirements for a network resource is
this face, and it was the never to regularly prevision new service is and applications where the speed, flexibility and H a principles in mind
as the end software defined ever gas tm architectural references points in the network that have opener vases that enable software development
centralized. Asked the end software can control the flow of network traffic through a collection of a number of devices. Additionally, other service is that include a computer storage or network security functions can exist as well, such as a software inspection and modification implications, as the end is also commonly referred to as the
separation of a control plans and at the other planes
as the end is not open floor network a functional virtualization and after the
as the architecture consists of three layers application earlier business implications with a director, a p I access to the control earlier control Earlier control playing surfaces were the direct AP eyes for connections to a complete application and infrastructure layers infrastructure layer.
They're playing at work devices that connected and points to the control earlier for programming instructions.
Controllers as THEAN controllers provide a centralized control of an Apple devices in that airplane, including decisions regarding packet of forwarding, routing, applying que wise and all security policy. As Thean controllers communicated to the never devices using softball on inter veces and some can integrate it into orchestration systems
by a North bound interfaces.
Many asked. The young controllers exists, including some from a commercial vendors to suggest Siskel and of'em wear and others that are open source based. Here's a list of Osama as theon controllers that are currently available. System a pick
policy based controller and part of us is Gracie. I policies the controllers that find a set of policies using a
the clarity of the model that tells the never device the intent over the policy by but not how to implement it. Devices Air trusted to implement that the policy based on the intent provided, which implies that distributed control Plane. The Emory NSX controller.
Overly rich order that exposes the network The abstractions.
Open daylight Open source. Controller from the lane explanation. Pure open flow controller that can control switching and routing decisions for open flow enabled and there were devices.
AP Eyes application programming interfaces AP Eyes are used it for a communication between Nasty and controllers and Edward devices North Bondi guys communicated with That's the end applications at a softball on a pea eye's communicated net word elements.
For example, Open flow is an industry standard, a P I that works with the white
LeBeau based the switches and that cough as a particle used for the configuration of the devices with the XML formatted. A message is that also uses a chaos.
A c i application centric infrastructure. A. C. I. Is the flagship Cisco Dennis. Enter architecture that takes a different approach to solving data center challenges. A. C. I enables the never to be programmed using an application centric approach
based only requirements over the application, and it can support both bare metal and a virtualized the computer infrastructures.
In addition, a C I also provides feedback on the underlying physical network, which can be used for tuning or troubleshooting over the application. A. C I is a stateless network infrastructure based on the white list model, using a spiny physical network of fabric, and it's controlled about it. They picked Chris Shorter Cut Coster.
This is the lazy eye solution consists of the following incompetence.
A pick the application centric infrastructure. Torture is used for centralized the management of the fabric. Eight. Take a cluster are sets of ah, three or more comforters for high availability. Next is nine k. Serious wages.
Physical network hardware based on spy and leave architecture to Francisco A. C I.
Ah, they are chassis is a beast in the nexus and 9 95 100 fix the base the next 9300 and never devices to choose from with specific models for spying or leave functionality. Cisco Lacey I devise the application requirements using what is called on the application profile.
The petition provided there's a logical mapping of how the application will be used on Edward.
For example, if you have a free T replication constant sitting on the Web application of D beat, the application will have policies defined for security, quality with surveys and all. Little balancing of the traffic moves between the tears off the application.
Learning check. Crescent number. Why insist Khaleesi I. Which option is the unified point of automation management Monitoring on a programmable
a postman Be a pick C rest the path. All the answer is epic. There's the brain right
question number. Do what that's describes of the characteristics of a system Data center, Architecture foundation, a bare metal servers. Be never computer storage. See security. AKI s a little bonding the email and file sharing its network computer storage.
In today's brief lecture with this dust never program ability as the end application centric infrastructure. Any questions? Feel free to contact me. Otherwise I'll see you in Exeter, Vito. Bye for now.
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