Audio and Video Expansion Cards

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Welcome to the Kop Ta plus 2 to +0-1001 This is module to less than 4.2. Audio and video expansion cards. Expansion cards connected to the system for advanced capability.
Let's go in, Jeff Radium.
Okay, In this lesson, we're going to talk about audio and video expansion cards primarily around video, expensive cars. We're gonna talk about onboard versus add on cards so he's going jump right in
by now. If you have not realized that yet, you're beginning to see that a system has a lot of versatility and could be used for many different functions. As a technician, it's your job to be able determine based on the application of what components are best suited to deliver the desired end product for your customer or your business.
The modern PC has a lot of expandability, and that is why the PC is so versatile
whether you're building a media streaming server in audio system or high end graphics machine expansion cards of a foundation of your specialized system
on and also want you to tell and take note. Because expansion cards are installed in the P C. I E expansion slots, they pretty much all instead install the same way. So no matter if you're doing audio video or some of the other cards, we're gonna talk about their pretty much straight forward installed the same way right into the expansion slots.
And again, that's what makes
the PC so versatile.
That's because you can add so much function ability by installing the car of the same way. So let's go ahead and move a little bit further.
Our new expansion cards also known a sound cards. These type of expansion cards are used in a variety of configurations. Currently, the model Motome Modern sound cards connect to the system via P. C. I. E.
Application would be for gamers, multimedia professionals, home media servers or anyone needing dedicated audio at a higher performance than the onboard audio on the motherboard. And again, these connect right to the PC I'II slots in the in your computer and are
populations in the back of your peak PC through in one of the many slots available.
Video expansion cards also let his graphic cards or more currently graphics processing units. GP use. These type of expansion cards are also used in a variety of configurations where higher performance video requirements are needed.
Currently, graphic cards connect to the system via the PC III's. A slot for enhanced through. Put that the PC I'II slot provides that we've talked about previously. Applications here would be for gamers. Professional video editing, three D graphics and other applications were higher. Performance graphics are needed
more than the standard on board Kerr.
And speaking of which, let's talk a little bit about that on board versus add on cards. So onboard Graphics card versus Adam cards on board cards are onboard. Video graphics cards provide standard performance in your system, and these would be looked on the slide here.
Image to the left. There will be your onboard graphics ports that's built right into the motherboard,
a CZ. You can see in this that we have the traditional V G a connection, whereas we also have an HD Am I that gives you a A more video capability. However, beyond that, if you need it, enhance capabilities to, um,
take advantage of the higher throughput of the P C. I e. Speed bus, and you needed a higher quality graphics for whatever the application. Then you may want to move into an ad on card, and Adam Card has a lot of times. The newer the GP use has built in memory built in cooling,
primarily just tow. Handle that video, anticipate
applications that you're gonna be using and you hear. See him write some ah, couple samples of a newer GPU video processing unit cards. And again, these will give you higher resolution rates, higher video and graphics capabilities again, depending on the application that you want to use them for. So that's
onboard versus an own car choice that you have to make depending on the system that you're building.
All right, so let's go ahead and review our audio expansion cards again. These are ad on cars to enhance the audio in your system. If you're building a PC and you need it enhanced audio capabilities, you would go with a higher performing sound card.
Ah, same with video expansion cards or video cards or G P uses. They're now being called graphic processing units. If you needed more capability than the standard onboard video ports or video cards in your system, you would want to go with a video expansion card or GPU
again, they have for dedicated processing as well as memory. And we'll give you higher graphics for whatever applications. Will there be gaming? Video editing?
Um, they were provide you with much more capability than the standard onboard card.
And that is the lesson for today. We will see you in the next lesson.
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