4.14 Identity and Access Management: Steps to Access Control

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All right. Now that brings us up to identity and access management.
Big topic on the exam. Big topic for life today. Identity and access management. So this is a section that used to just be called access control. And, you know, I kind of define access control as determining and enforcing what a subject could do to an object.
Right? So the subject is the active entity. The object is the passive entity. So controlling how Kelly Hander hand manipulates the file sales 2019.
That's all about access, control. But when we think about that today, we have to expand beyond just a little bit of limiting what a subject can do to an object. So we have multiple steps here that are all part of the identity and access management. So this has steps to access control. That's true.
But a more popular term that we're seeing is I am I am
identity and access management. So our first step I didn t proofing
and this happens before you would ever get an account on the network. We'll talk about each of these in more debt, so I'm not gonna elaborate too much. But this is where you demonstrate your identity to your employer, which will then allow you to created to get an account on the network.
When you go to access a resource, you identify and make a claim,
you prove your plane you're authorized to access. Resource is Then we have to make sure there's a system for auditing the hold users accountable. And then ultimately all good things come to an end.
You get that massive promotion or job with another company, so your account gets de provisioned and the process would start all over with your new company or in your new position. Most likely. All right, so high level of the steps we're gonna take a look at those and specifically how we can automate
and make these processes work easier.
Then we have perhaps traditional
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